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That's it, it's over: Kokorin in Sochi. Abandoning your words and principles
Russia. Premier League RFPL Zenit Sochi Kokorin Alexander They sold it. The story of Kokorin's rental in Sochi lasted more than three weeks. And finally it was all over -…

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"Atalanta" is so cool that it even cheered up Pashalich
Champions League Italy. Serie A Italy Atalanta Pasalic Mario Gasperini Gian Pierrot Before that, he was gray and showed nothing in Spartak. The story of Mario Pashalich perfectly embodies how…

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Hey football - i love you
The Bombardier authors explain why they love football. Valera Polevikov - for the ability to understand people For me, football is a way of studying a person and society. The…

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Why do Russian teams fail in European competitions and how to make them smarter. Says the only RPL analyst trainer (p1)

Dmitry Stolbikov is a member of the coaching staff of Ural and occupies a unique position there – an analytical trainer. In other RPL clubs, there are simply analysts who give the numbers to the coaches. Stolbikov – interprets them under the tasks of the team. He also knows how to take data and clearly explain complex issues. For example, such – why do Russian clubs so often lose to European ones?

Valera Polevikov recorded a big conversation-lecture by Stolbikov: Continue reading

Are the goals in the Sochi vs Orenburg match strange? Let’s take a look at each

In the postponed match of the RPL, Sochi defeated Orenburg (5: 1). Immediately after this victory, the team took off from last place in the table: Sochi is now 14th – above Rubin and Akhmat. For Orenburg, this defeat practically did not change anything: the team is still two points ahead of Sochi and is still out of the relegation zone.

Brief results of the match for Sochi and Orenburg:

Alexander Kokorin designed a double. Now he has three goals and one assist in three matches for Sochi.
Christian Noboa scored a goal in one game and gave two assists. Continue reading

How do you like the new Kokorin?

Sochi defeated Orenburg (5: 1). In this situation, it is not the result itself and the accompanying factors (own goal, penalty) that are more important – the achievement of Alexander Kokorin is more interesting. He drew a double and came up with unique statistics: right now Kokorin has already scored three goals and one goal pass in four games for Sochi. “Zenith” without Kokorin in the RPL – zero goals in two meetings.

The resumption of the season brought Sochi six points in three matches. The game with Orenburg was postponed to spring due to the illness of the players. Continue reading

Our new sad reality: playoff match and Champions League anthem for empty seats, many goals in silence

Because of the coronavirus, the return match of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League “Valencia” – “Atalanta” was held without spectators. In the first game, Atalanta won 4: 1, but the hope for intrigue lived on – Valencia is too unpredictable this season.

But looking at the empty stands of Mestalla, we recalled that we managed to give cool matches to Valencia at home with strong support. Fans still gathered, but in front of the stadium.

The pre-match shots at Mestall itself are disheartening. Continue reading

Football fans fear concentration camps at 2018 World Cup

Fans of the Russian football clubs Zenit, CSKA and Spartak issued a joint appeal in which they expressed concerns about their prospects if a law on fans was adopted in Russia. “As people with an active civic stance, we cannot help but react to what is happening. We can’t silently expect the adoption of a law designed to kill the resurgent movement of football fans, of which we are fans,” the appeal says, in particular, the text of which is published on the site

Fans expressed their belief that the problem of violence in stadiums is currently minimal, and it’s also the fault of the organizers of football matches. Continue reading

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How do you like the new Kokorin?
Sochi defeated Orenburg (5: 1). In this situation, it is not the result itself and the accompanying factors (own goal, penalty) that are more important - the achievement of Alexander…


How many cool players will be in the summer without a team
Europe Cavani Edinson Calejon Jose Matic Nemanja Bonaventure Giacomo Götze Mario Mertens Dries Meunier Toma Willian Fraser Ryan Sarr Malang Cavani, Goetze and other tops. The winter transfer window closed…


In Portugal, a player arbitrarily left the field due to racism, and then sent fans on Twitter
Portugal. Primera Portugal Porto Marega Moussa Partners tried to stop him - they were criticized. In the 21st round of the Portuguese championship, Porto won 2-1 on a visit to…


Fourth tap and first hit. The juiciest goal about Smolov “Real Madrid”
Spain. Primera Spain Celta Smolov Fedor Aspas Iago Bridge Alexander “Real” is the fourth after “Wings of the Soviets”, “Ural” and “Orenburg”. • The seventh minute of the match, “Real”…