How many cool players will be in the summer without a team
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How the game “What? Where? When?" on the first channel. Says the boss of the football club who plays there (p2)
- Tell us about the tactics of your team. How do you look for a way to the correct answer? - It's hard to explain. In football you can show:…

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How the game “What? Where? When?" on the first channel. Says the boss of the football club who plays there (p2)
- Tell us about the tactics of your team. How do you look for a way to the correct answer? - It's hard to explain. In football you can show:…

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Italy cancels matches, Manchester United quarantines player, Portuguese moves directly to Wuhan – this is how coronavirus affects football

The whole world Seville Manchester United Slavia Igalo Odion
We tell how the virus affects football.
Coronavirus is a new virus that is currently raging in China. In addition, he smoothly switches to other countries, which has a significant impact on various industries. Including sports – we tell you exactly how the coronavirus affects football.

Manchester United Quarantined Newcomer Due to Coronavirus
Right before the closing of the transfer window, MJ rented Odion Igalo. In 2017, he moved from Watford to Changchun Yatai, traveled to Shanghai Shenhua for a year, and now has returned from China to England. Debut in the Premier League as soon as possible prevented him from “MJ”. The club quarantined Igalo for two weeks.

The incubation period of coronavirus is two weeks. At this time, Igalo was forbidden to train with the team – he independently kept fit, working with his designated coach twice a day.

So Igalo trained on his own:
Igalo is already working with the team. He even made his debut for Manchester United: he came out for a couple of minutes at the end of the winning match against Chelsea.

In Italy, canceled several matches of Serie A
For several days in Italy, the number of people infected with coronavirus reached 79 people, two have already died. these circumstances forced the Italian Prime Minister to take emergency measures. In four regions (Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio-Rome, Piedmont) cultural events were canceled, entry and exit there were prohibited.

These measures were reflected in football. Vincenzo Spadafora, Minister of Youth Policy and Sports of Italy, canceled matches Inter – Sampdoria, Atalanta – Sassuolo and Verona – Cagliari. They were scheduled for February 23, but postponed indefinitely.

There is information that the coronavirus will affect the match of the Europa League. Football Italia reports that Inter’s home game with Ludogorets can be canceled or held without fans.

Sevilla sold the vice captain to the club from the outbreak city of the coronavirus
Daniel Carrisou spent almost six years at Seville, was a stable base player, won, won the Europa League three times and reached the rank of vice captain. Carris’s contract with the club was valid until the next summer, and the parties could not extend it in any way – Karris also wanted a bigger salary, and the validity of the new agreement is more authentic. Therefore, in order not to part with Carris for free, Sevilla was looking for buyers for it in the winter.

In Europe, there were no applicants. But one was found in China. Carris went to Wuhan Zhouer, a club from the city, which is considered the hotbed of the new coronavirus.

Carrisou had already traveled to Guangzhou to undergo a medical examination and presentation at Wuhan Zhouer (the city of Wuhan is closed, so the club moved all the events to Guangzhou). In addition, Carris along with the new team went to the camp in the Spanish Cadiz to undergo pre-season training. “Wuhan Zhouer” will stay there before: a) the Chinese Football Federation decides to resume the season; b) The Chinese authorities will guarantee that entry into Wuhan is safe for the health of players.

More stories about coronavirus and football:

• Continuing the theme of Chinese football and the virus: the new season of the Chinese championship and the Super Bowl are postponed indefinitely.

• The Chinese participants in the Asian Champions League will not play their home matches in China.

• Preliminaries for the Olympic Games among women moved to Sydney.

• The Chinese women’s team that has arrived in Australia has been quarantined for a week.

• In Wuhan, the Chinese national team player Wang Shuang remained: she is not allowed out of the city, as are the rest of the residents. She independently trains on the roof with her brother.

Wang Shuang, the star player of China women’s national team, is stuck in Wuhan, her hometown, and would miss the Olympic qualifying moved to Australia. Since it is not possible to find a football pitch for self-training, she went to the rooftop to play with her brother.

– Titan Sports Plus (@titan_plus) February 1, 2020
Wearing a facial mask, Wang Shuang keeps training in a roof-top in her hometown Wuhan for her Olympic dream. She and her 3 teammates will miss the AFC women’s football Olympic qualifying 3rd round in Australia since they live in cities under lockdown (3 from Wuhan 1 from Wenzhou).

– Titan Sports Plus (@titan_plus) February 5, 2020
• Before the match with Opava, Slavia players came out with the banner “Be Strong, Wuhan”. Since 2018, Slavia has been collaborating with the Beijing Guoan Chinese club. Another title sponsor of Slavia is CITIC Group – an international Chinese investment fund.

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