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How is Carrera in Greece? He talks about a family team and wins a lot, he is very praised by the media

Greece. Super League Europe AEK Carrera Massimo
Excellent results after two months.
Massimo Carrera headed AEK on December 8th. His starting position in the Athenian club was this:

AEK went third with 21 points after 13 rounds;
Lag behind the leader – Olympiacos – 10 points.
AEK flew out of European competition in the summer.
Carrera’s appointment took place just on the day when she went on the winter break of the RPL, where the former club of the coach – Spartak – was destroyed with a score of 1: 4 in Moscow, Rostov.

On the same day, Carrera said about him, but in a different vein: “The goal is to be loved as much in Greece as the fans of Spartak.”

“My warriors!” – such was the signature in the photo from the locker room after the first match under the leadership of Carrera. AEK scored the only goal against Xanthi six minutes before the end of the match. A slight resemblance – with Spartak Carrera also won his first match at the end (at Wings).
Two months have passed since Carrera’s first victory. Here are its results:

13 matches in all tournaments – 8 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss;
Only PAOK lost, and then – they missed the only goal from the penalty spot (it doesn’t work out with this opponent – Spartak left for him in the Champions League in 2018); They interrupted the long winning streak of Olympiacos (0-0) and beat in an important the game “Panathinaikos” (1: 0);
Continue the fight in the Cup (now 1/4);
The separation of the first two teams is a bit big (13 and 11 points), but AEK strengthened in third place (from the “Pao” going fourth – 7 points).
Carrera began by building 3-5-2 in the game with Xanthi, but he himself said that the base would be the standard 4-2-3-1 set-up for modern football. Still varies them depending on the opponent.

What he remembered in Russia, he puts the same thing in Greece — serious motivation and fighting qualities.

In his second match, under his leadership, AEK beat Asteras 2-1, having conceded a goal closer to the end (in Spartak Carrera lost a lot of points in the last minutes). “There is a problem in AEK. We need to get better and play football without fear. The problem is more psychological, our team is qualified. When something goes wrong, it slows down the team. Such an obstacle must be overcome, ”Carrera concluded.

Remember the match about the family team in Spartak? He said the same to the Greek press: “A team must be a family. Everyone should be satisfied – from the first to the last player. I want everyone to be happy. They are all very important to us for victories. ”

After the match with PAOK, he told the players in the locker room: “I know that you are angry, but it is important that you fight until the end, until the referee’s last whistle. And this is what I will take out of today’s game. ”

AEK midfielder Christos Albanis said that Carrera brought in: “He added some necessary elements to the game. When you are psychologically fine, you play better. ”

What do the experts say? One of the articles analyzed the important match of AEK against Olympiakos (0: 0). Experts drew attention to several things:

• Ognen Vranjesh played his best match in AEK (remembers him from Krasnodar?).

• Progressed the central defender of the club Marios Oikonoma.

• Carrera very correctly prepared the team mentally – she was attentive and desperately fighting for a common goal.

• Carrera is not afraid to change the schemes in relation to the opponent – AEK started from 4-3-3, then played 4-1-4-1, at the end, after removing Simoesha, he changed to 3-5-1.

• AEK also runs better than before – then it stopped in the 70s, now there are enough players until the final whistle.

• Conclusion: Carrera is working fine so far, especially the tactical part, the ability to read the opponent’s moves.

In another article, after another important match – against Pao – it is said that it is now clear what the new face of AEK looks like under the leadership of Carrera. The trainer creates a team of cynics, based on strong defense and high-quality attack to produce the desired result. A team that sacrifices entertainment for the sake of the result. It is noted that AEK was not at all afraid of the opponent and stubbornly followed the plan, Carrera deliberately kept his team on the defensive, and issued special instructions to some players, which also worked.

Goal Araujo in the eighth minute was victorious. AEK beat Panathinaikos and broke away from him by seven points.

“I did not expect such a successful start of work at AEK. But he hoped that we would be able to show good results, based on the work on physics and tactics that the coaching staff and team spend every day, ”Carrera himself says about his start. Judging by the results and publications, the trainer is doing well in AEK.

Soon he will have even more important matches. This is the first season in Greece, where the first six teams after 26 rounds (23 have now passed) will compete in the Champions League / Champions League in a separate tournament. Each will play each twice, so there is a chance to even catch up with Olympiacos and PAOK, who have run ahead. AEK has already secured a place in this company. Spring will be very in

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