Are the goals in the Sochi vs Orenburg match strange? Let's take a look at each
In the postponed match of the RPL, Sochi defeated Orenburg (5: 1). Immediately after this victory, the team took off from last place in the table: Sochi is now 14th…

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"Fort Boyard" instead of training, trauma due to dance, the tradition of pulling a mustache - all this is Adil Rami
Adil Rami moved to Sochi before closing the transfer window. The club has already declared a footballer in the RPL. Earlier, his agent said that the contract is calculated until…

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Simply unique: 3rd place in La Liga, minimum ownership, many fouls and brutal training
Getafe is a team that has twice won Krasnodar in the LE group, got into the playoffs for Ajax, right now is third in La Liga, ahead of Atlético. This…

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Three years of Zozuli in Spain: constant threats, accusations of Nazism, stopping matches, tears during the break

• September 2016. “I have no dream of playing against Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. Who is Messi? Come across Messi, have to “move” a couple of times.

• December 2016. Zozulya almost does not play, his agent says: “Unfortunately, this guy with a big heart is not allowed to show himself on the field, referring to the problem with the Spanish language, which did not bother the directors when signing the contract.”
• January 2017. In the last days of the transfer window, Rayo Vallecano negotiates with Betis to rent Zozuli. At this time, Rayo fans turned to the team president with a statement: “We are against Zozuli’s transfer because of his Nazi views. He should not wear a red and white uniform. We will not let her get dirty. ”

“Rayo” signed Zozulya anyway, but at the very first training the player was poisoned by fans who dragged an anti-Nazi banner with them. It all ended with the arrival of the police, and the club gave the player back to Betis. But Zozulya could no longer play in official matches until the summer.

Zozulya later said:

“My visit to Spain was accompanied by a misunderstanding because of a journalist who knows little about the real situation in my country and my work. I arrived in Seville in a T-shirt with the coat of arms of Ukraine and poems by Taras Shevchenko, whose work was studied in all schools of the USSR. This journalist wrote that I was wearing a T-shirt of a neo-Nazi paramilitary group, whose symbols are similar to the coat of arms of Ukraine.

I am not affiliated with paramilitary or neo-Nazi organizations. I just help the Ukrainian army, which protects my country, as well as children who have suffered from the war. Ukraine is experiencing extremely difficult times. ”

• February 2017. Due to the incident, La League President Javier Tebas and Ukrainian Ambassador to Spain Anatoly Shcherba met. Based on its results, it was decided that the Spanish government is obliged to support the striker. Later, the police opened 10 criminal cases on the fact of threats against Zozuli

• March 2017. Zozulya again met with the leadership of Rayo Vallecano, the meeting lasted about three hours, but the parties did not agree.

• May 2017. Zozulya suspended his appearances for the Ukrainian national team: “I have no game practice, and I do not want to take the place of a young and talented player. The team should have only the strongest and best players. ”

• September 2017. Betis terminated the contract with Zozul. A soccer player a few days later became a player in the Spanish Albacete. In the first match for the new club, Zozulya broke his head, in the second – he scored the first goal in 16 months.

• October 2017. Osasuna fans chanted “Death to Zozule!” during the match against Albacete.

• December 2017. Roman Zozula was awarded the prize for the best player in the team for the second time in a row.

• August 2018. Zozulya was supposed to go to Oviedo, but the transfer failed: the fan club association opposed the player’s transfer. Fans promised not to buy seasonal passes.

• March 2019. Fans of “Lugo” during the match with “Albacete” shouted: “Zozulya, die.”

• July 2019. “I am very happy to be at Albacete.” If this were not so, I would not re-sign the contract. I had suggestions from other clubs from Examples. But I think that I still owe the club and the fans for the support they give us. I have my own scores with them, so I decided to stay. ”

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