RPL and Tinkoff Bank officially announced cooperation. League showed a new trophy
It’s not news at all that Tinkoff Bank is the new title sponsor of the Russian championship. This was known a month ago, but now everything is officially issued. Tinkoff…

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What a cool Dani Alves! At 36, plays under the striker and leaves training last.
In the summer of 2019, Dani Alves ended a contract with PSG. As a free agent, he won the America's Cup and became the best player in the tournament. Alves…

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Holand scored his PSG supergame with a pass from Reina. They say their fathers played in the same club, but this story is a myth
An hour of playing time, “Borussia” and “PSG” spent a bit boring, but the remaining half hour was fiery: a goal by Neymar, a double of Holland, and the Germans…

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Former MJ players invest in their own club. How does he live

England. Premier League England Manchester United Beckham David Neville Gary Giggs Ryan Scholes Paul Neville Phil Butt Nikki
New issue of “Planet of football.”
Class-92 is the legendary graduates of the Manchester Academy. It includes the Neville brothers, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Nikki Butt and Ryan Giggs. They played together at United, and after the end of their careers, they invested together in the project of the football club Salford City. Salford now plays in League 2 (fourth in England) and even signs prominent players (James Wilson).

Vladimir Stognienko filmed a new “Planet of Football” about the activities of Class-92. In the first part – a room from a unique hotel in Manchester, a trip to Salford and an exclusive interview with Gary Neville.

Hotel Football is another Class 92 business project
Hotel Football opened in 2015. There is one difference from other Class 92 projects – David Beckham did not invest in it. Stognienko visited one of the hotel rooms: he found quotes on the wall about the owners, looked out of the window at Old Trafford and looked into the closet. The price tag at this hotel can be heavy (but this does not affect popularity). A standard room on a typical day costs 90 pounds (7500 rubles), but on the day of the match the price increases three times.

“Our hotel is almost always crowded. On match days we can receive up to 300 guests. Rooms are usually booked for a couple of months – especially when it comes to any large and popular matches. Owners from the very beginning took part in the hotel. They chose the design for our special Class 92 rooms, ”said Amelia Camilleri, PR manager of the Football Hotel.
Stognienko also visited Cafe Football – the menu has many simple dishes with names that come from the names of the owners (Scholes). There were a lot of free tables on the day of the arrival of Planet Football, but you won’t get there during United matches. All tables for the season games are booked even at the time of the advent of the calendar.

Salford – the place of football and fashionable solutions
Geographically, Salford resembles Khimki. There used to be docks on the site of the city center. Now everything has been rebuilt – there are many strong design solutions around. In this city, Gary Lineker takes off his programs, and the Class-92 project also started working there. Gary Neville himself spoke about the moment when they had the idea of ​​buying a football club.

Here is an excerpt from his interview: “It happened 4-5 years ago. Ryan and I were returning from London and talking about how we would like to open our own academy. It was clear that academy graduates would need a team to play at a serious level. Therefore, we decided to acquire our own team – local, because we grew up here, lived here. Salford is where Manchester United trained when we were younger. ”

Stognienko said that Class-92 invested in Salford City in 2014. Half of the shares are owned by Singapore businessman Peter Lim. Footballers divided among themselves another half in equal shares. In 2019, David Beckham joined the project – he also bought a 10% stake in Salford. Neville more often than others participates in the life of the club, because it is freer. Other players are aware of the problems, but do not always make decisions.

Collaboration with wine and beer producers
Support your local team is also about business. Therefore, Salford City collaborates with local companies – for example, wine producers Vimto. Semyon Pavlyuk told the story of the brand. In 1908, the plant appeared in Manchester, then moved to Salford, and then generally moved to Old Trafford. Wimto is a cult drink for Manchester United fans.

Class-92 also works with a local brewery – seven brothers work there. Beer from them is just for sale at the Salford matches. They also have four sisters who produce their own gin. They all seem to collaborate with each other, but still develop each business independently. The interlocutor of Stognienko in the brewery is Kit Makavoy, the founder and its CEO. He has a lot of stories about beer (see from 21:25).
The next issue will have even more details about the life of Salford City. Stognienko announced footage from the match and the continuation of the interview with Neville….

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Former MJ players invest in their own club. How does he live
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