Hey football - i love you
The Bombardier authors explain why they love football. Valera Polevikov - for the ability to understand people For me, football is a way of studying a person and society. The…

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“There would be a choice, I would send everything in the ass and trained.” Gamula - about YouTube, loans, life without work and youth at 60 (p2)
94-year-old mother, plans to write a book and the formula "if you drink, then drink a week" - At 9, you lost your father. Your mother was relocated to Norilsk,…

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"Fort Boyard" instead of training, trauma due to dance, the tradition of pulling a mustache - all this is Adil Rami
Adil Rami moved to Sochi before closing the transfer window. The club has already declared a footballer in the RPL. Earlier, his agent said that the contract is calculated until…

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Simply unique: 3rd place in La Liga, minimum ownership, many fouls and brutal training

Getafe is a team that has twice won Krasnodar in the LE group, got into the playoffs for Ajax, right now is third in La Liga, ahead of Atlético.

This is a unique team with a unique history. Three years ago, she played in the Segund. She has one of the lowest budgets in the Spanish League. And one of the worst attendance rates in the championship. And in these conditions, she creates something unreal.

Six statistical indicators characterizing Getafe
In this season:

• Possesses the ball on average 45% of the time per match – 14 from the end of the figure in Europe.

• By margin, the worst gear accuracy in Europe is 61%.

• Europe’s most folly team – an average of 18 violations per match.

• Getafe inflicts 10.6 hits per game – 15th from the end in Europe.

• For the game, the team wins 49.3 martial arts – the fourth indicator in Europe.

• At the same time, the team has the best indicator in La Liga in terms of the quality of pressure (ppda), even Liverpool, Man City and Bayer have lower indicators.

The protagonist is coach Jose Bordalas
• Spent almost 20 years in the lower Spanish divisions. He began to train at an amateur level.

• The first professional club – “Alaves”, to which Bordalas joined in 2015 (he was then 50 years old). At that time, “Alaves” played in Segund (20th place), could not get out of there for 11 years and was the tenth in terms of composition in the league.

Bordalas in the first season took first place with Alaves and brought to La Liga. But the leadership did not like the primitive style of the coach (well, you already know: a minimum of possession and punches, intense pressure, only vertical transfers). And Bordalas was fired at the end of the triumphal season.

• Next – Getafe, who was also in the Segund. And Bordalas again in his first season brought the team to La Liga.

• In the first season in La Liga (2017/18), Getafe has the lowest payroll – the team takes eighth place. The second season (2018/19) and already the 16th sheet in the championship – fifth place.

• For these two seasons, Getafe’s average ball possession was 42%, and 65% assists were the lowest in the league in both seasons. The same leadership was in the number of fouls.

• Bordalas responds to fouls: “This does not mean that we play brutally. We are doing this absolutely consciously and rudely. ”

• Bordalas answers the percentage of possession: “I like to be at someone else’s penalty area and create chances. What is the point of 30 touches in one half of the field without moving the ball? People confuse lingering with quality football. ”

• Bordalas simply answers: “If we do not give all our best, we have no chance. We must surrender to the game completely and remain modest. I always appreciate that. These are the kilometers that my players run. ”

Psychological methods of Bordalas
Juan Cala played in Getaf Bordalas, but after that he left for China. And he talked about the methods of the coach:

• “He steps with your foot on your throat and does not let go. Sometimes you wonder if he is going to hit you. He wants the players to enter the field with twisted, angry faces, so that the opponent is afraid before the starting whistle.

He controls everything: diet, rest, training, tactics. Training takes place with incredible rigidity. Intensity is always off scale. ”

For The Guardian, other Getafe players talked about Bordalas, but everything was anonymous. The best:

• “First he calls for the defenders: breaks the TV. Then he calls the midfielders and breaks the light bulb. He calls the attackers and breaks the sofa. ”

• “He goes crazy if you do not do what he asks on the field.”

The main unique team – 37-year-old Jorge Molina
In April, he will be 38. And he is the most important player in the Bordalas system. In the previous three seasons, he scored a goal or an assist in every second match. Last season, he was at the peak at all – he played in all 38 La Liga games at 36 and scored 14 goals.

In this he also plays regularly (5 goals, 2 assists). Molina is the person through whom the Getafe defense exit is being built. Football players are looking for him ahead in long passes, and his task is to win martial arts and

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