Our new sad reality: playoff match and Champions League anthem for empty seats, many goals in silence
Because of the coronavirus, the return match of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League “Valencia” - “Atalanta” was held without spectators. In the first game, Atalanta won 4: 1,…

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“There would be a choice, I would send everything in the ass and trained.” Gamula - about YouTube, loans, life without work and youth at 60 (p3)
- What did YouTube give you except money? - Communication. I myself have learned a lot. When everything is normal with work and financially, everything is calm. When it becomes…

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We found the toughest football player in Europe, who constantly hits opponents in the face (with arms and legs)

Today everyone is discussing the curious own goal of Fernando Marsall from the match “PSG” – “Lyon” (4: 2). The defender pushed him into his own gates with all his might – as if he had beaten by strangers.

This season, Marsal had another own goal – in the match with Nantes (0: 1). He ran after the opponent on the flank, won that position, but instead of knocking the ball out, kicked him into his own net, throwing the goalkeeper.

But the main distinguishing feature of Marsal is not an own goal, but a rough game. During his career (236 matches) he has 57 yellow cards and 10 red.

This season he has two deletions. In the match against Saint-Etienne, he grabbed Budebuzaz neck in his own box; result: removal and penalty. But it was even tougher in the game against “Nice”: Marsal hit the opponent with a straight foot on the head. Just a shock, see:

The quality of the screenshot was affected due to the fact that the fans lit the fires.

Another dirty episode from 2017. Then Marsalle hit the lineman’s face, but did not even get yellow.

In general, Marsal too often reaches into the faces of people on the field. We looked at all of his fouls that are in the public domain:

• While playing for Gaziantepspor in Turkey, he dismissed it, hitting his opponent in the match against Eskisehirspor – a red card.

• Another vile act in the match, “Amiens” – “Lyon”. Marsalle fled next to his opponent near his own penalty box, the ball was in another place – on the flank. Marsal ran to the ball, but for some reason waved his hand, hitting the face of an innocently running opponent – red.

• Match with Saint-Etienne this season. Marsal received a yellow by the hand. Classic.

• Even Messi suffered in this Champions League draw – Marsal hit him in the face with his elbow and received a yellow one.

• Last season, the match against Guingamp – yellow for hitting the opponent’s shoulder.

• 2018, game against Kan: an elbow strike in the face is just yellow.

• In a game with Nancy (2018), he raises his leg high again (at head level) and enters her opponent’s face. Yellow.

And these are just those episodes that you can watch right now. It’s scary to imagine how much rudeness you can see if you look at all the fouls of Marsal during his career.

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