Ajax flew out of two European cups in two months. Super teams 2019 are no more
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Reina fled to the corner, and his team conceded into the empty net
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Fourth tap and first hit. The juiciest goal about Smolov “Real Madrid”
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Injuries and crutches stole his place in Klopp’s Liverpool. He crawled out of hopelessness into the Southampton – and suddenly became a hero (p1)

• He is the third Premier League scorer after Vardi and Aguero right now.

• The first Southampton player since 2003 to score in five games in a row

• Southampton coach Ralph Hazzenhüttl: “His appearances are the best I’ve seen from a player on this team.”

• A person who, due to injuries, missed about the same number of minutes as he played in his career.

All this is Danny Ings. Yes, while the main opening of the Euro season.
Ingz is a killer in pressure. He has a special running style.
Inga’s strong qualities are the ability to open in someone else’s penalty area, to unfasten oneself from the defender, break into the desired zone, guard the mistake. Ings is also a very intense player: he runs a lot and aggressively without a ball. For this, Klopp appreciated him – potentially Danny fit into his intense and pressing system.

But just as perfectly, it fits into the even more intense and extravagant Southampton pressure system under Hazenhüttl. Their team is the second most intense and high-pressure submarine (above Liverpool and City).

Ingz is probably the most selective forward in the Premier League (we did not check the statue of all the attacks, but visually compared the most pressing ones). On average, he takes the ball once per game – more than Firmino, Raul Jimenez, Sterling and Vardi.

It is significant that Ingz came up with two goals this season alone, putting pressure on the goalkeepers: he robbed Lloris and forced Adrian to knock the ball right into him.
To be so intense and difficult for opponents in pressure, Inguz helps a special manner of running. Colleagues from The Athletic wrote a separate analysis about the style of his jerks:

“He uses a rotational style, working through tightening his legs, and not through the spine, like everyone else. This manner puts more power into pressure when he runs forward.

His hands remain close to his body and move up and down, and not left and right. This increases the frequency with which he can move them, and it speeds up his step. He is not the fastest player, but this method allows him to cover the defenders.

And look at his mouth. He also breathes in a special way. He holds his breath, pressing on the diaphragm, and then compresses the lower abdomen. Thus, it increases the power of the abdominal muscles so that the body rushes forward faster. ”

He was expelled from the academy of his favorite club, and he went to play as a father
Ingz got into Southampton when he went to first grade. He was a fan of the club and dreamed of playing for him – his family lived in the vicinity of Southampton. At the academy, he ran for several years (and even crossed with Oxlade-Chamberlain), but by the age of ten he was expelled. The reason is commonplace: due to weakness.
After the expulsion, Ingz sank and thought to tie, but his father did not allow: he immediately took him to the Sunday (amateur) league team, which he himself trained. Father generally played an important role in his formation:

“He made me kick the ball before I learned to walk! I have never had toys or any games other than football. This is all the merit of the father: both the love of football, and my achievements.

Now he calls after each match and says what I was not good at. Yes, it seems simple, but it is a big part of my success – my dad always made me analyze the game. ”

He played in the lower parts of England and already then suffered a lot
Ingz played at the amateur level for five years after being expelled from Southampton. At 15, the Bournemouth scouts became interested in him – at that time the teams of League 1 (third division). After several training sessions, he was given a permanent place in the youth team.

In Bournemouth, he did not stand out with great talent and played little at the base. Therefore, at age 18 he was allowed to go on loan to Dorchester, the team of the fourth English league. He says that it was there that he became a football man:

“This is a defining event in my career. I was young, and renting helped me to develop comprehensively. The time there is the best that could happen to me then. I played with older men, scored goals and enjoyed. And when he returned to Bournemouth, everything became much better: both I and the club became stronger. ”

• Ingz returned to Bournemouth and immediately became the main one. Eddie Howe, who coached then (damn, he is still there!), Believed in Danny – and he turned it on: he scored seven goals in six months, and the team got into the playoffs for reaching the Championship.

• After that season, Ingez became interested in Premier League clubs – there were even specific negotiations with several. But at the same time, Eddie Howe left Bournemouth (yes, that was) at Burnley. And he called Ingza to him. And he refused the Premier League and went for his coach to the Championship (oh, yes!)

• But in the summer, at the Burnley training camp, Ingz was injured – and dropped out until mid-February, missing half a season. Then – he took shape for a long time and only played out at the end of the season: he scored three goals in eight games.

• Next season – again injury at the very beginning. Only this time, Ingz missed two months. Then – again – he took shape for a long time (sat a lot on the substitute) and spent the bad season on the whole (he scored only three goals).

Howe then said: “He was in fantastic shape and was a big part of our plans at the start of the season. It is unfortunate that the injury knocked him out. ”

• But the next season (2013/14) is a real explosion: Ingz went through it without injuries, scored 26 goals and gave away 8 assists in 45 matches. He was involved in 54% of Burnley’s goals and became the Champion’s best player, and the club rose to the Premier League.

• In the next campaign, Ingz shot 11 goals, becoming one of the top scorers in the Premier League and league openings. His contract with Burnley was about to expire, and several large English clubs were negotiating with him. Inges chose Liverpool.
Could be part of this Liverpool, but: injuries, injuries, injuries
He cheerfully started in the team of Brendan Rogers: in the first five matches he scored two goals and surprised the fans with dedication and energy. He was even recognized as the best player of Liverpool in September.

But he was photographed with the Ingz award with crutches at hand. What an evil irony – he was injured in Klopp’s first training session. Ingz broke the cross and was left without football for seven months. And missed the whole first season of Klopp.

He began the next season in the second Liverpool team (four matches, four goals). And never having played as the basis, he again received a serious injury (this time the knee). And flew again before the end of the season – this time for 10 months.

For almost two years without football, Ingz gave several views – basically he said that injuries make him stronger and that this is an integral part of the profession. At Liverpool, everyone talked about Ingz’s incredible patience and hard work in rebuilding, and photographers always caught him with a smile on his face.

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