Pele became a recluse and barely walks. Over the past 4 years he has done several operations
Recently, Pele has been in the media field for two reasons: either commenting on an event, or the press reports some changes in his condition. Now Pele 79. But the…

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That's it, it's over: Kokorin in Sochi. Abandoning your words and principles
Russia. Premier League RFPL Zenit Sochi Kokorin Alexander They sold it. The story of Kokorin's rental in Sochi lasted more than three weeks. And finally it was all over -…

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How do you like the new Kokorin?
Sochi defeated Orenburg (5: 1). In this situation, it is not the result itself and the accompanying factors (own goal, penalty) that are more important - the achievement of Alexander…

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Injuries and crutches stole his place in Klopp’s Liverpool. He crawled out of hopelessness into the Southampton – and suddenly became a hero (p2)

But just think about it. You are 23-25 ​​years old. You already know that you can play at a high level. Klopp trains your partners, and the team wins a lot and have fun on the field. And you spend two years, painfully recovering in the gym.

In the 2017/18 season, Ingz still returned. But for a very long time he was gaining form – he played half a season for a double. Starting in December, I got into the application, but sat tightly on the replacement. In April, Ingz finally scored in the Premier League – for the first time in 930 days (to go nuts).

But the background around was disgusting. Ingz missed two seasons at Liverpool, and in the third he played for the double (almost did not score there) and looked at the base from the bench. At the same time, I realized that it was almost impossible to break into the foundation.

Return to Southampton 15 Years After
Before the season 2018/19, Liverpool realized: it was time to let Ingza out; in three years he played in only 14 matches. About four Premier League clubs made a proposal to Danny, but he chose a club that he had been a fan of since childhood, and which he had once rejected – Southampton. Yngji went on loan with option to buy.

But before the first game there, when it was only announced about his transfer, he said a bunch of pleasant words about Liverpool and received the same in response:

“Watching football, not being able to enter the field, is very difficult. After the second knee injury, it seemed to me that I needed to end my career. I worked so hard after the first injury.

Jürgen was very supportive during my recovery. The team developed at an incredible speed, but Klopp always trusted me and gave me a chance to prove myself. I respect him very much, like everyone in this club.

It is incredibly difficult to beat Mane, Firmino and Salah. This would be difficult for any striker, especially with two knee injuries. They are undeniably the best trios in the world. Their mutual understanding is simply unbelievable. I knew that I could not replace even one of them.

Roberto Firmino is very smart. He knows at what distance rivals are located from him, without even raising his head. He knows where he will give the ball the next second, when he runs after the opponent or where he will lead him. I learned a lot from him. ”
Henderson about Inge: “When people talk about Danny, it’s always something good. He is a wonderful guy. A man who always wants to benefit and does it. ”

Klopp: “Everyone in Melwood loves Danny. It is good that he will not play against us (approx. – according to the rules of the lease), because he always carries a threat. We are very closely watching his games. He is still one of us.

He is a fantastic person. We already miss, but it’s better. He still has a lot of friends in Liverpool. If the character and endurance of Ingza could be bottled, then this wine would be sold all over the world. ”

In “Southampton” overcame injuries and reached the peak
The first season at Southampton, Ingz played as a rented one – almost always at the base, scored eight goals in 25 games and was injured only once (only for a month). At the end of the season, “South” bought Danny, paying 22 million (but they could not have been spent if they had been more attentive to him in childhood).

But now Ingz is one of the best forwards of the Premier League – 14 goals in 24 matches. Southampton’s trainer Hazenhüttl says of his form: “This is the result of a guy who works out his ass!”, And British newspapers write in full about the return of Ings to the England team.

“Now I just have fun when I go out on the field. If I did everything to prepare for the game, I know that I will go on the field at the weekend and have fun.

I know people see how I smile and how happy when I play. When I get a chance, I try to be as focused as I can. I’m not going to score every week, to leave the field without goals – this is normal. But if I work a lot, I know that I will definitely score.

Momentum is a key concept in football for me. This season everything is so good with me, because there is an impulse, there is a hunger that an attacker needs to score.

And I never forget my roots. I remember where I came from here. It makes me who I am. And makes me remain modest. I started from the bottom, which makes it even more special. “

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That's it, it's over: Kokorin in Sochi. Abandoning your words and principles
Russia. Premier League RFPL Zenit Sochi Kokorin Alexander They sold it. The story of Kokorin's rental in Sochi lasted more than three weeks. And finally it was all over -…