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“There would be a choice, I would send everything in the ass and trained.” Gamula – about YouTube, loans, life without work and youth at 60 (p1)

Do you remember Igor Gamul at hot press conferences, jokes about Ebola and love for “Rostov”. For several years he has not been training. Now Gamula is an expert on television, a Rostov breeder, and YouTube.

This is a great interview where we look at Gamula not as a fun character from the Internet, but as a serious story about the blows of fate and good spirits.

“When there is no work, everything is gray. Nothing replaces what he studied and breathed. ”
– Now you work in Rostov as a manager-breeder. What exactly are you doing?

– My task is to watch Russian football players. Especially for the guys who were not noticed. According to PFL and FNL. It’s hard to see something there. I do not meddle in foreign. There are other specialists.

It’s hard for me to put up with this. This, of course, is not for me. If it were, as it should be, that is, to go here or here, I would love to go, because I can’t sit still. We have a different specificity. Cabinet, computer, programs, Wyscout. You sit and watch matches. Such an office job.

– And to drive a plane around the country?

– This is mine, but so far this is not. It bothers me a bit. I’m not used to it. In a couple of days I will be 60 years old, and I feel young. Without movement, I am not me. Trying to engage in dialogue with management. In a few days, I plan to go to Kharkov for the match of the Europa League Shakhtar – Benfica. Usually I don’t miss such matches.

– How many times a week do you jump on a plane?

– Two times a minimum. One is iron. It happens twice. Mostly winding in Moscow.

– You were called in a new project to Basta?

– Not. Before Basta arrived, Guskov [the president of SKA] invited me. This is not a secret: he was in his office. He asked: “Accept the team.” I refused. There was another topic. I knew that I’d burn there. I’m tired. Wherever I worked, everywhere, two or one and a half years were not paid. You can ask the question: “How would it be if everything was fine there?” Maybe I would have worked well. It turns out that I did not achieve anything. He was a fireman. He could only talk, talk.

When I was in Rostov in 2014, they didn’t pay my salary for six months. I’m telling something, translators translate, and 20 foreigners look at me and do not understand: “Give me money, and then we will talk.” This situation is annoying. It’s not up to work. You want to realize yourself as a coach, but it turns out that you start as a manager and educator.

So far, everything is noisy [in SKA], but there are no further movements. We bought a beautiful bus, painted it, and it broke during the first trip. It turns out that he drove almost a million kilometers. There is a PR. I would be glad if SKA was reborn. I just want the team to go to the first league, to the Premier League. But probably this is unrealistic.

– Your job is to watch the players. Who do you like the most?

– If you take Russia, then Kokorin. I really like him. I watched him while he was still playing for the Dynamo double. I was impressed by his game, his handling of the ball, his lightness, mind, head. Maybe I almost realized myself. One situation, then another.

I went through an old school. Probably, this was also the case with us: many unrealized ones. All the stars were football players. They spent more time on something else that football did not need. Now this is less. Football players understand that for their short football life they can earn good money and provide for themselves and their families for a long time.

People are thinking. I see my parents revolve around football. They make me play football since childhood. If you come to the children’s training, you look, and there are Mercedes, BMW, so many cars. Everyone brings children and dreams that they will become football players. Nowadays it was different: a piece of bread with sugar for the whole day and into the yard. Now there is nobody in the yards, no one walks and does not play. They sit on gadgets from morning to night, not seeing anything.

I don’t want to say mine, but I was a talented footballer. If he played football, he probably would have grown into a big football player and left for Juventus, like Zavarov. But this infection [alcohol] lured more. Not to say that he was fond of from morning to night. Not. There were no such recoveries as now. We are recovering – beer, champagne and everything else.

– You said: “Everything is gray.” It is always like this when there is no work. ” Why don’t you train anymore?

“I always said that.” Yes, I’m watching football players, I’m doing some content on YouTube. There is a whole situation. The further you go, the more you analyze yourself. You study, watch, read all the time. When there is no work, everything is gray. Nothing replaces what he studied and breathed. This is still not enough. Those proposals that are not very interesting.

– Do you have an explanation why Igor Gamulu is not called to train in Russian clubs?

– To call, it was necessary to show some result. We did not show. Everywhere I was a fireman, but no one knows about it. People look at statistics. I always want to say: “If …”. Where you can get good players, where there are all conditions – and try yourself in such a team. Try with us is difficult.


– Would you go to PFL?

– If the team with the task to go higher – with pleasure.

– When was the last time you came out with a proposal to train a team?

“Three or four days ago.” Not from Russia.

– You have not been training since 2017. To play at a level, players need to constantly train and keep fit. How much time do you spend on football consumption (going to the stadium, TV, analytics)?

– I am always in the subject. I always follow and watch. You watch one day, then another. Now on assignment, then for myself. You don’t just look like a fan of beer. Highlight some moments, share them at work. Everything is in motion. Karpin comes in all the time.

– Last year you read the book “The Evolution of Guardiola.”

– Yes with pleasure. It turns out another came out. I understood one thing: I don’t know a dick.

“What did they take out of there?”

– Now a football player can be seen through: how he is ready, how much he needs to run, in which group to train. Computers, electronic systems – in this regard, the coach is now easier. There are physical training trainers, rehabilitologists, psychologists. There are more coaches than football players. The head coach should stand on top and collect all the information. In my time, this was nothing.

Guardiola’s vision of football is probably developed to such an extent … There are such gifted coaches. How he builds it, what he does is very interesting to read and imagine.

– Guardiola – a sample?

– Who is there [above] – that and the sample. Was Mourinho – shouted: “Mourinho.” Klopp became – shout: “Klopp”. We look how? For generations. Previously shot Ancelotti, Capello, Lippi. Everything goes in step with time.

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