The main thing is about the last transfer day of the RPL
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What kind of an unlucky debut for Komlichenko for Dynamo: two super-moments - a bar with a crossbar
Russia. Premier League Russia Dynamo Komlichenko Nikolay Also a lost derby. In the starting lineup of Dynamo for the game with Spartak, his dearest newcomer of the winter did not…

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“There would be a choice, I would send everything in the ass and trained.” Gamula – about YouTube, loans, life without work and youth at 60 (p2)

94-year-old mother, plans to write a book and the formula “if you drink, then drink a week”
– At 9, you lost your father. Your mother was relocated to Norilsk, during the war she worked under the Germans. The main recollection of parents from childhood.

– I remember the death of my father. How mom cried. I am grateful to my mother that she [we raised] and raised us [with my brother]. She didn’t get married, she did everything for us. Illiterate woman who survived captivity, war, prison. She is now 94 years old. God grant health. She is still in the memory and she serves. If I bring 10 people with me, she will feed, drink, and put to sleep. I am grateful that I have such a mother.

At 10, I went to a sports boarding school. She felt better. And now she survived the death of her grandson and my brother. I don’t know how she stands it. Probably hard hardened. I am amazed myself. I’ll write a book, I will devote a large chapter to it.

– A book?

– Will. What is there to do? I have nothing to do. We will find experts who will help.

– You had a difficult childhood, but you are mega-positive: “I never lose optimism. In any situation I will find the good. What to be sad, *** [damn]. ” Why?

– I scoop it from the inside. What to regret? What is sad? If this happens, you need to look for positive things and emotions that will raise your mood and spirit. If you drop everything or climb into a glass – this is the easiest.

Now is not a good time. I do not show, although in my heart everything is vomiting. Hold on The age is such that you need to feel the cold ground with your feet. I’ll fake the metric, I’ll write a lesser age, as I did in childhood. We tried to be older to play.

“Have you ever been deeply depressed?”

– Not. Could sit on a glass. I am such a drunkard: if you drink, then drink a week. So I know that I don’t have to go anywhere. So that no one controls me – and I can calmly get rid of the soul. After that, go out and do not drink for a year. So for many, many, many years. I drink once a year.
– You talked about how regularly you thumped regularly in your youth. Has age changed attitudes toward alcohol?

– Health itself will not allow you. We used to have no holiday without alcohol. There was one restaurant in the city. Won – went on a joyful drink.

I never fooled, never bullied. If I understood that it was all, I went to bed. To allow myself something vulgar – I do not have one. Everything is beautiful. So I fell and dragged me – this is not.

– When was the last time they cried?

– When he buried his brother. A year ago. He is 2.5 years older than me. He died of stupidity. And there were diseases, and was not treated. He drove himself there. It was a shame. I cried very much.

– Is there something that you will never do, but really want?

– I won’t be young. I tried everything that was. Nothing to regret. He did stupid things, did wrong things. But this is mine. If there was an opportunity to return everything, I would still do the same.

– Fedotov spoke about the Gamula player: “Made of nails.” Confirm.

– Although I was a star, I always had a great responsibility. I have always had iron discipline. Always neatness, always cultured. I always said before meetings, especially with the youth team: “Guys, maybe you’ll not all become football players, but you must be honest, honest people. People for a society that must learn. ” Everything can happen.

I am not a saint. Today I violated, got drunk, forgotten, but went out to training and games, plowed, dug the ground, it was hard, I didn’t give a look. There have never been complaints to me. Always assembled and organized.

The affairs of Gamula now are: credits, 10 thousand for the filming for “Match Premier” and a YouTube channel from which grandchildren and teenagers indulge
– Your quote: “The age is such that it would be necessary to change. People in 55 are already wearing ties. And I, you see, everything is in a T-shirt and underpants … But I do not change! And good!”. Explain how to remain a reckless bully for teens at age 60?

– This is good. I am often asked this question. Now it is very difficult financially. Earnings? In our sports department … You can only buy a glass of beer. I don’t understand why.

I’ve always been like this: to support the company, always with the young I tried to behave on a par. It so happened that I met a friend [Fedor Maslov,]. You have to do things that are embarrassing. I do not watch these things. I think: “The old idiot, *** [damn].” Then I reassure myself that this is work.
When someone older starts telling me that I’m fooling around there, I reply: “And you do it, then come and talk normally.” So it is necessary. So I can work for the public, for the screen, for the conversation. Arriving home – if someone points a finger, I do not pay attention.

I say: “Fedya, I’ll kill you, *** [damn].” They specially pull me, then I come – everyone is delighted. When I arrive at Match TV, at the Premier Match, they say: “It’s interesting with you, the broadcast goes on like in a minute.” Someone begins to mutter, and I say what I see and what is. I do not invent. I’m never getting ready for anything. Maybe my emotions are like that.

Now I have many young fans. Many small ones are suitable even when I come to Ukraine. I was in Qatar – three boys ran up. I was in shock. Shout: “Gamula!”

– You act in a video for teenagers, but do not train. How often do you want to send everything in the ass?

– There would be a choice, would send everything in the ass and coached. But there are no such opportunities yet. I do what I need. I have a mother, daughter, grandchildren. I’d better not take anything for myself, but I will give it to everyone.

– How do your family and friends feel about this?

– In Lugansk, everyone is delighted. In Moscow, too. In Rostov I try not to listen. What they say in the team – I do not hear.

– What are the grandchildren saying?

– Nastya likes it. Signed, following. She is still involved in basketball. I come to her for training – everyone squeaks. Walks there the most important.

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“There would be a choice, I would send everything in the ass and trained.” Gamula - about YouTube, loans, life without work and youth at 60 (p2)
94-year-old mother, plans to write a book and the formula "if you drink, then drink a week" - At 9, you lost your father. Your mother was relocated to Norilsk,…


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