RPL and Tinkoff Bank officially announced cooperation. League showed a new trophy
It’s not news at all that Tinkoff Bank is the new title sponsor of the Russian championship. This was known a month ago, but now everything is officially issued. Tinkoff…

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How the game “What? Where? When?" on the first channel. Says the boss of the football club who plays there (p1)
Hayk Ghazazyan was fond of “What? Where? When?" while still at school, he continued at the university, in the winter of 2011 he became the team captain in the Armenian…

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What happens to Atlético. Is everything really bad?
Spain. Primera Spain Atletico Simeone Diego Not the best moment for the match with Liverpool. “Atletico” comes to the match with “Liverpool” in the worst condition for eight years Simeone…

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“There would be a choice, I would send everything in the ass and trained.” Gamula – about YouTube, loans, life without work and youth at 60 (p3)

– What did YouTube give you except money?

– Communication. I myself have learned a lot. When everything is normal with work and financially, everything is calm. When it becomes unbearable – you seek and try to realize yourself in something. I guess I became an artist. Not every person in the evening can fool around, and then come and talk on serious topics. Artistry and the ability to transform, became more competent, I know more. You always need to learn something.

– Where do you earn more – on YouTube or in Rostov?

– Of course, on YouTube. I say again: you can’t buy a glass of beer from your salary in Rostov. In general, I am surprised how our sports department receives so much in the Premier League. I know people on all teams. In Rostov there were always difficult situations, but they were always solved. About this “Rostov” never deceived anyone.

– You went to the field in the image of the King of the North from the Game of Thrones, starring in musical parodies and football challenges. Do you sincerely enjoy this?

“I would not say that.” I like to train more. I get high there, and here I work. But sometimes I enjoy it. Sometimes you try to make it nice. The same King of the North. He looked at himself and did not understand who he was. I will not invent anything, I say what is. For this they love me.
– When was the last time you were ashamed of your actions?

– There are situations when they ask you, but I can’t. I’m getting scared. Lately I have been making good money all the time. When you get used to the good, it’s very difficult to break the habit. I can’t eat for three days, but I don’t worry about myself. I will twist, twist, I will never give a view. But when there are people nearby whom you have tamed, accustomed to, and then you cannot do something for them, you lose yourself because of this. You think you’re running to the bank, taking a loan, just to fix the situation. Then you get out of it. It’s hard to get out. You spin, fight, you go to bed at night and think: “So, tomorrow what?”.

– Did you take out loans?

– And how without them? In the recent past, I took it. We slowly get out. This is a normal occurrence. Do you think they pay a lot on set? Everything is very complicated. I get up at 5 in the morning. I board a plane – they pay it to me. He came to the program for “Match Premier” or “Match TV”, he shot back. Held, planted – and went home. How much do you think I was paid for such a performance?

– I do not know. Thousands of 10-20?

– Well yes. 10 thousand give. There is a lot of money on Match TV. There is Arshavin, there is Tikhonov. And I’m a sharomig. Who am i? At the “Match Premier” I analyze the situation, I say that there is. I get a penny. It’s hard at my age to fly twice a week. I’m not complaining. I know that I honestly earn my bread.

– In 2012, you had your own program on the Ukrainian football channel. Have you been invited to do an author program on Russian TV?

– Not. Once offered to star in a movie. Play some coach. Something humorous. I got ready, and then everything died out. I was told that they would return to this. They promised to star in commercials, but nothing big comes out. Pushing the little things. My program – I’m probably not at that age to shoot programs with me.

There was a golden time in Ukraine. That was interesting. I worked at Rostov. Everything was fine here. He quickly flew to Kiev, made good passes. I look through all this sometimes. Some were uninteresting, yes. But here it depends on the opponent – it happens that a person is taciturn, reserved. I managed to talk to the same Aliyev, Valik Belkevich. Something turned out dull, but there was a lot of good.

It all ended before the war. It was felt that the initiative was seized. They started to twist their movie. Why pay someone – let ours do.

– If you were offered to launch any show on Russian television, what would you specifically shoot about?

– Sports, football – is there something else I can do, or what? I would try to prove myself and make sure that I’m not ashamed. Dud – good. To get to him. You must be born like that too. This is talent.

Gamula leads Instagram himself and cuts the song of Nyusha in the car. For grandchildren, he is Igorek, not grandfather
– Grandchildren call you Igor, not grandfather. Why?

– That I put them such a requirement. I do not want to be old. I go in, and they tell me: “Grandfather!” I say: “There is no grandfather – there is Igor.”

– You spend a lot of time with youth. Does it make you young?

– Yes. I feel great. And they feel fine with me. Fedka is closest to me. This is the story of my life. It was necessary to find this in old age. Artem Nechaev [blogger] is a good person, sincere, sociable. We even have a chat in votsap – “Chat of love”, where Nechay, me and Fedka.
“Do you understand their jokes?”

– Yes, it’s gone. But I try to keep up, understand, delve into, correctly relate to this, answer correctly. To be in trend, to be in the subject. They appreciate me for that. If I did not match this, they would not communicate with me.

I accept it normally. I adapt to the time. I consider that it is interesting to me with them, and to them with me. I try not to go far from them, I understand everything. Although I do not look: “*** [damn], some kind of moron.”

– Modern youth. Often I hear from the older generation that we are not very educated and can only poke buttons. And before, everyone knew how and adapted to everything.

– Well, yes, fry the fried eggs, cook the borscht. What did we know? We have not seen anything. We lived in the Soviet Union. Probably, it is not necessary to strive for anything, because the state did everything for us. They knew that we would receive the money on time. They knew that this money was enough.

Give my friend a phone now and give a phone to a young man. Will sit and poke. And the young one will do everything in two minutes: and draw, and write, and sing. Of course, there are majors, but they were before. I will not say that we have bad youth. We have good youth. Such a time. It was so, then it became so, and so.

– You crossed Creed with Kirkorov, KAZKA, Feduk. Are there any artists that really like?

– I love music. Maybe I don’t get into it so much to know everyone. There is a song by Nyusha “Higher and Higher.” I stick out from her. So many years have passed, but I always listen with pleasure. Food in the car – turn it on at full volume. Fedka and Nechay were surprised at this.

Watching the “Voice”. Both children and adults. I love. I look at new artists. Previously, everyone looked at Rotara, Pugacheva, later – at Kirkorov, Baskov.

– Sex, money, alcohol – they sing a lot about it. Is it embarrassing?

– I’m normal about this. Everyone earns as much as he can. Someone likes, someone not. For God’s sake. Of course, I don’t like something, but I won’t give a look.

– Youtube watching?

– Look. I’m watching Dudia, but he has long issues. No time to sit down and watch. I’m watching KraSava.

“You have a tough position on social networks:“ I laugh at those who live in computers and phones. ” Why? How advanced are you in technology?

“I’m not laughing.” This time, this generation. This is probably a given. Today it is. But, of course, I was enraged while working with the double, when they were sitting on the phones before the game: “You won’t see the ball.” Swore a lot. Noisy, but not taken away. I wanted them to spend more time on football.

I myself am on the phone. I have 33 posts on instagram. They say to me: “Take care of this business.” From inevitability, I will soon take up Instagram. Just look (points to the people who were sitting nearby and waiting for the train) – anyone is on the phone. How to laugh? It’s a disease.

And what to do without a phone? They answer: “I do not know.” Half an hour without the Internet is already a tantrum. It hurts for me.

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“There would be a choice, I would send everything in the ass and trained.” Gamula - about YouTube, loans, life without work and youth at 60 (p2)
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