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Griezmann, Solskjer and other stars love Football Manager. The game helps fans get jobs in professional clubs

The whole world Griezmann Antoine Solskher Ole Gunnar
She has a huge database that teams use.
Over the 15 years of its existence, the Football Manager simulator has turned from a time-killing game into a way of knowing football. Now Football Manager is about tactics, the search for young talents before they spark in real life.

An additional fact emphasizing the coolness of Football Manager is that professional football coaches and scouts work with it.

Do professional clubs and coaches really use the game?
Some clubs, including those from the Premier League, indirectly use Football Manager. Most clubs in the Premier League have signed a contract with the analytical company Prozone, which prepares data on young players from around the world. Since 2014, Prozone has been working with Sports Interactive (developed by Football Manager), which organizes player data.

Football Manager helps clubs keep track of young footballers. The fact is that Sports Interactive has a huge number of scouts and analysts who monitor all the players represented in the game. Every year they monitor the progress of football players and on this basis put their characteristics.

Football Manager is a huge database of more than 900 thousand players, and some teams use it. For example, Everton has an agreement with Sports Interactive to use this base. Udinese used the same base when buying some young players in the past decade. The most striking example is Alexis Sanchez. In 2006, Udinese bought it for 3 million euros. Now his transfer value is 25 million (although at the time of the transfer to Manchester United he cost all 60).

Football Manager really helps in finding potential stars. At different times, the game predicted great careers for the following players:

Luke Shaw.
Kilian Mbappe
Gabriel Jesus.
Matthews De Ligt.
Football Manager is also faced by coaches. The Guardian’s story of the greatest failure. In 2004, Lionel Messi was already talented, but was not yet such a promoted player. Alex McLeish coached the Rangers at the time, and his son, a fan of Football Manager, suggested he sign Messi. McLeish refused, considering it not promising enough for the Rangers.

The head coach of Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskher was also a fan of Football Manager at one time: “This was when I was just starting my coaching career. I played a lot in Manager. No, I was not addicted to the game. It just really helps in getting to know the leagues, teams and players. ”

And this is not the first time that football stars are stuck in Football Manager. The game has many fans among professionals – Antoine Griezmann, Bale, Mendy.
Zwë 🍟

Griezmann plays Football Manager as Arsenal. Transfer confirmed.

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Attentive fans even noticed that Griezmann was playing for Arsenal, and Felix, Pogba and Mendy were running in his team.

And what, you can get into a professional club by playing Football Manager?
Yes, there are even a few striking examples.

• In 2012, Vugar Huseynadze was invited to Baku after he demonstrated his success in the game. The media wrote that Huseynadze became the head coach, although in reality he had nothing to do with the training process. Huseynadze was engaged in scouting, working with a youth team and occasionally helped head coaches in tactical training of “Baku”. The story ended with Huseynadze leaving the club in 2014.

• At age 15, Englishman Matt Neil became an analyst with Truro City. Two years later, he became a leading analyst at Plymouth. Management appreciated Neil’s work and even allowed him to discuss transfers. For example, in June 2016, Plymouth signed goalkeeper Mark McCallum as a free agent – it was Neil’s initiative.

In 2018, Neil transferred to Rotherham, where he also works as an analyst.

• Andrei Pavlovich from Serbia from childhood a fan of Bezhania – a club from somewhere in the Serbian cellars. It is logical that he played for him in Football Manager. Pavlovich brought Bezhiya to the championship in Serbia, played with her in the Europa League and the Champions League, and then sent his game successes to Bezhina.

They unexpectedly answered from the club – a year ago they offered him an unpaid position as an analyst, since at that time the club was in bad financial situation. Pavlovich agreed and still makes reports for Bezhiya.

• Englishman Cleon Hobson led Sheffield (who played with the Banner of Labor in the summer) to the Premier League. Club representatives even contacted him to sign a professional contract. But Hobson refused. “I love football, but I can’t imagine that I will work there.

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