"Fort Boyard" instead of training, trauma due to dance, the tradition of pulling a mustache - all this is Adil Rami
Adil Rami moved to Sochi before closing the transfer window. The club has already declared a footballer in the RPL. Earlier, his agent said that the contract is calculated until…

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Why schools have not yet received a percentage from the transfer of Golovin. Here is the full explanation
In the summer of 2018, Alexander Golovin moved from CSKA to Monaco for 30 million euros. Money in such a transfer is not only relied on to the selling club:…

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“Atalanta” is so cool that it even cheered up Pashalich

Champions League Italy. Serie A Italy Atalanta Pasalic Mario Gasperini Gian Pierrot
Before that, he was gray and showed nothing in Spartak.
The story of Mario Pashalich perfectly embodies how football players are pumped into the Atalanta. And why now she is so strong and attractive.

In the summer of 2014, Pashalich moved from Hajduk to Chelsea, then he was a great talent in Croatia and the country’s football hope. But for Chelsea he did not play a single match. There were only leases (Elche, Monaco, Milan, Spartak).

In all clubs Pashalich did not show anything supernatural: he played at an average level, often remained in reserve. Chelsea watched the player, but saw only slurred grayness – Pashalich simply did not pull the club level.

In the summer of 2018 – another rental, in Atalanta. In the first half of the season Pashalich more often came on as a substitute and mastered in a new team. It is important that the player was not pressured either inside the club or in the press: there was only continuous support and faith in his strength.

By the end of the 2018/19 season, Pashalich gave a cool segment – six matches, three goals. In the summer, Atalanta again requested a rental – Chelsea easily let it go. And already this season Pashalich has reached a new level: he often comes out at the start (17 matches at the base), scores and gives away (seven goals, three assists).

Important points from this season:

Goal Manchester City, who brought a point in the group.
Goal + pass in the match with the club for which Pashalich played (“Milan”).
The winning goal of Roma (2: 1), which Pashalich scored 19 seconds after a substitution.
Now it’s already clear: Atalanta will buy Pashalich at the end of the season, activating a clause of 15 million.

For a year and a half in “Atalanta” Pashalich heard only praise from Gasperini (head coach): “Here he has all the conditions to develop. He has excellent physical and technical data, ”said Gasperini when the player just arrived at the club.

It is important that even in those moments when Pashalich played a little, Gasperini made it clear that he was an important part of the team. Pashalich came out for replacements, and appeared in cup matches, and received support from the coach in the press: “Now he is not the main player, but in the distance of the season – he is very important for us.”

The main public praise from Gasperini Pashalichu: “He has a unique talent for scoring in difficult minutes. At the same time, he is a center field football player. His performances are really at a high level. After last year’s difficulties, much has improved this season. A very reliable player for me. ”

And the final quote is from Pashalich, who explains everything: “I wanted to calm down and play in the same club, and not constantly change them. I needed a club in which I would have time and faith in me.

Gasperini is the man I’m still here because of. And great tactics. We are one of the few Serie A playing attacking football in which I feel very good. “

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