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Barca took the striker from Leganes outside the transfer window. Yes, you can

Spain. Primera Spain Middlesbrough Barcelona Leganes Suarez Luis Brightwright Martin Dembele Usman Pulis Tony
Now let’s explain why.
Barca has signed forward Levantes Martin Brightweit. A few points on the deal:

• Transfer amount – 18 million euros.

• A contract for 3.5 years was signed with Brightwright.

• According to Diario Sport, Barca has secured itself: if Brightwright is not liked in these six months, then it will be sold in the summer. This is stated in the player’s contract.

How it happened: the transfer window is closed, and Barca acquired the player
During the winter, two players flew out of Barça for a long time: Usman Dembele (rupture of the proximal tendon of the biceps of the right thigh – flew out by the middle of next summer) and Luis Suarez (knee injury – went to the hospital until the end of May). She needed someone to replace.

In fact, Barca had two options – to sign a free agent (but there were very few options) or to get into the rules Examples. One point (124.3) made it possible to make a transfer in the last resort, which turned out to be Barcelona: if one player received an injury requiring a long recovery, he can be replaced 15 days after the transfer window closes.

“Barca” reiterated Suarez and Dembele, providing data on their restoration: not one of them will play in the next five months – they will fully satisfy the rules Examples. In this case, the rules allow only the purchase of a player from Examples or Segunda. So “Barcelona” came out on Brightweit from “Leganes”. “Leganes” had no opportunity to keep Brightwright – “Barca” fully adhered to the rules of the League + paid “Leganes” the amount of compensation for Brightweit. The general director of Leganes Martin Ortega even spoke on this subject:

“We found ourselves in a situation that caused us enormous damage. We cannot accept the current provision that a club whose player was injured and retired for a long time can unilaterally transfer and solve the problem at the expense of another club. We would understand if such a rule were applied in case of mutual agreement between the clubs, but the current provision contradicts the principle of equality between the clubs. ”

And Ortega has a reason for indignation: the rule Examples considers assistance only unilaterally. Leganes, which at this stage has lost the best scorer, will not be able to acquire anyone until the end of the season to replace Brightwright.

There can be no complaints against Barcelona – the deal was approved by the rules and the management of the League, in addition, it paid the required amount for the transfer.

And yes, Barca also regrets that Leganes will not sign anyone to replace Brightwright. Words of the president of Barca Josep Bartomeu:

“We paid Klausula in accordance with the rules, although we believe that this paragraph needs to be revised because it is unfair that Leganes cannot sign anyone now.”

Why did Brightwe need Barca
There is a suspicion that this is a temporary replacement for injured players. Even taking into account the long-term departure from Suarez and Dembele, Brightweit is unlikely to become the main player – Barca has Griezmann, Messi and Faty. Plus, Suarez will definitely return in the summer, by the autumn Dembele will be available. In this case, the Diario Sport insider saying that Barca will easily sell Brightwright in the summer is like the truth – the club just will not need the club.

What is known about Brightwight:

1. Never played in top clubs. Although, according to The Guardian, after 4 seasons at Toulouse, he was called to Roma. But he left for Middlesbrough.

2. Brightwright has a website about herself. The biography column indiscreetly states: “One of the greatest talents of world football.” The site has not been updated since the moment when he played for Toulouse.

3. The biggest scandal in Brightwite’s career is related to the move to Middlesbrough. Under Gary Monk, he played stably, but Tony Pulis did not see him as a base player. Brightweit went on lease twice (at Bordeaux and Leganes), and then walked around Pulis on his twitter: he wrote that he did not like his football, that tweets were the main burden on him for the entire duration of the contract with Middlesbrough.

4. Brightwright – a guy with an almost perfect reputation (only a quarrel with Middlesbrough spoils her). You will not find him at discos and bars, because he is an exemplary family man: “I met my girlfriend in France, and this is the most important event in my life. At that time, she already had two small children – it made me grow up faster. ”

5. Brightwright was born into a sports family. His father was an athlete (running sprints), then played football at a semi-professional level. The younger sister of the Barca rookie is now playing in the Denmark women’s youth team.

6. This transition may not have occurred. Like the whole career of Brightwright. When he was 5 years old, doctors diagnosed him with softening of the femur, which is why he spent two years in a wheelchair.

“It was excruciating. Doctors told me to forget about football, h

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