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Are the goals in the Sochi vs Orenburg match strange? Let’s take a look at each

In the postponed match of the RPL, Sochi defeated Orenburg (5: 1). Immediately after this victory, the team took off from last place in the table: Sochi is now 14th – above Rubin and Akhmat. For Orenburg, this defeat practically did not change anything: the team is still two points ahead of Sochi and is still out of the relegation zone.

Brief results of the match for Sochi and Orenburg:

Alexander Kokorin designed a double. Now he has three goals and one assist in three matches for Sochi.
Christian Noboa scored a goal in one game and gave two assists. This is almost 50% of all his productive actions for the season (three goals, four assists).
Rented from Zenit, Andrei Mostovoy entrenched in the status of Sochi’s top scorer. Now he has five goals.
Sochi coach Vladimir Fedotov defeated the former team, which he left only in winter.
Before this match, Sochi had never scored more than three goals in a season. Orenburg has not missed more than three.
According to statistics, the result looks like an anomaly. Even in the first round, Orenburg and Sochi tied each other with a score of 1: 1. No one expected this defeat in this match. The fans reacted as harshly as possible. We looked at the comments under the review of the match on the official YouTube channel Match TV. The main mood is like that.


Orenburg players did not score moments and hit on their own goal
Summary from Orenburg coach Konstantin Emelyanov: “We played limp. Sochi deservedly won. Although in such a situation, with such an account, it is useless to say that we also had good moments. In such games you need to be the first to score, we had moments – Fameye could score. Then we scored in our own goal and got a penalty, and then we could not turn the tide of the meeting. Here is the result. “Sochi” with a well-deserved victory. ”

Orenburg really had moments – the team even with the score 0-0 had two lethal situations for the first goal. Further, the course of the game has changed dramatically. Almost all Sochi goals have their oddities. Watch the full review of the match on the YouTube channel “Match TV”, and here we show individual screenshots and describe each goal of Sochi.

First. The usual service from the flank ended in a blow to their own goal from Ayupov. In the penalty area at that moment there were three Sochi players and four Orenburg defenders. Another Orenburg footballer controlled the selection. At the time of his own goal Ayupov turned out to be the only Orenburg player, next to whom there was no opponent.

Second. Zabolotny earned a penalty when he took the ball at the corner of the box. “Orenburg” at that moment defended one-on-one. If Zabolotny beat the defender, he would go directly to the gate. The Orenburg defender at that moment had a positional advantage – Zabolotny took the ball with his back to the goal, but got a push in the back. Kokorin scored a penalty.
Third. Kokorin fled one at once on two defenders. No one interfered with him in advancing to the goal, but the strike line was blocked. Kokorin reached the penalty area and shot through with a bang. The goalkeeper seemed to be in control of the situation, but at the last moment he made a foot motion in place and missed the ball next to him.

Fourth. Mostovy’s goal is very similar to Kokorin’s ball, but the goal is more interesting. Mostovoi ran away from the defender at speed and struck force past the goalkeeper. Goalkeeper Klimovich reacted differently – now he was trying to reach the ball with his hand. Orenburg actually had no moments between these goals, although with a score of 0-2 the team crushed the opponent.

Fifth. Finally, “Sochi” finished off “Orenburg” with a simulated combination during a corner. Ivan Novoseltsev head threw the ball to the far post, where the undisguised Noboa threw the ball past Klimovich. Noboa remained almost alone in front of the goal corner, because the rest of the Orenburg players were taken to the near post even during the service.

Sochi and Orenburg in winter were in different conditions
Initially, the game of Sochi and Orenburg was planned for December 1, 2019. Then Orenburg was still playing under the leadership of Fedotov, and Kokorin was not in Sochi. Because of the sore throat virus, the Sochi players threw the match into the spring. Orenburg then agreed to the transfer without any problems. When they did play, Fedotov was sad for some reason more than the others. He said that he was still torn because of feelings for Orenburg.

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