Barca took the striker from Leganes outside the transfer window. Yes, you can
Spain. Primera Spain Middlesbrough Barcelona Leganes Suarez Luis Brightwright Martin Dembele Usman Pulis Tony Now let’s explain why. Barca has signed forward Levantes Martin Brightweit. A few points on the…

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We found the toughest football player in Europe, who constantly hits opponents in the face (with arms and legs)
Today everyone is discussing the curious own goal of Fernando Marsall from the match “PSG” - “Lyon” (4: 2). The defender pushed him into his own gates with all his…

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Reina fled to the corner, and his team conceded into the empty net
That's right - he is not there. Already added time to the match, “Southampton” and “Aston Villa”. “Southampton” led with a minimum score, and Reina ran to the rescue. The…

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“Fort Boyard” instead of training, trauma due to dance, the tradition of pulling a mustache – all this is Adil Rami

Adil Rami moved to Sochi before closing the transfer window. The club has already declared a footballer in the RPL. Earlier, his agent said that the contract is calculated until the end of the 2019/20 season.

Champion for the humble Lille, world champion – with zero matches for the tournament
His triumph was remembered more in 2016, when Sevilla won the Europa League for the third time in a row, and Rami regularly and successfully played in the first team. The Lille championship happened nine years ago and was forgotten a little, but then Rami was part of a strong team with Debuchy, Kabay, Geye, Gervinho and Azar.

Rami went to two European Championships in the French national team, and spent the whole tournament in reserve at the 2018 World Cup. Having received a gold medal, he announced that he was leaving the national team.
There was a tradition at that World Cup – to touch Ramy’s mustache
The French at the 1998 World Cup came up with kissing goalkeeper Barthez on their bald head and with this tradition reached the title. After 20 years, Rami was in the role of Barthez, but at least not with kisses.

Griezmann confirmed: the players squeezed Rami for a mustache for good luck. “Even Deschamps did it! Now it is the most famous mustache in France, ”Rami rejoiced.

Once I received two yellow cards in two seconds
In the 2016/17 season, Sevilla played with Malaga, and Rami first demolished the opponent and received a yellow card, and after two seconds the judge showed him the second.

Well, at least the team already led 4: 1 and calmly rolled to victory. But to leave for two yellow in such a short period is an application for an anti-record.

Got injured while dancing Gangnam Style
This happened at the end of the 2012/13 season. Rami was already injured, and Valencia allowed him to go to a charity evening. There, the player danced to the famous hit Gangnam Style and exacerbated the damage, because of which he missed the match with Espanyol, in which his club lost the victory (3: 3).

Perhaps these points were not enough at the finish – “Valencia” finished in fifth place in one point from the champions four. Rami has not played in the last six games of the season.
Quarreled with coaches and paid extra for your transfer
The same 2013th – Rami harshly criticized the coach of “Valencia” Miroslav Dzukic for the club’s transfer policy and insincerity in the conversation with the players.

Rami joined Milan in 2014. The Italians offered only 3.75 million euros, refusing to pay more. Half a million paid Rami himself. A year later, he announced a bad relationship with coach Filippo Inzaghi: “If he stays, I will go to another club.”

Rami later said: “Looking at Inzaghi, I understand that I can afford to become a coach – he was just a disaster.”

Deceived the leadership of Marseilles and was expelled from the club
After the famous story about relations with Pamela, Anderson Rami also asked for a scandal, playing for Marseille. He said that he should go to Paris for family reasons, and he went to the shooting of the program “Fort Boyard”.

The result – termination of the contract for violation of obligations to the club.
Could move to RPL much earlier
It is known that in the winter of 2013, the then-stellar Anji was ready to buy Rami from Valencia for 12 million euros.

The defender said that he felt comfortable in Valencia and was not going to go to Anji, although the proposal was significant. “I have not said my last word to the team, and this was a priority for me in analyzing the situation,” Rami added. Six months later, there was a rumor of Rubin’s interest, but it was quickly denied.

Adil Rami in the 2019/20 season is four matches for Fenerbahce, of which only one in the championship (three per Cup), and that one is incomplete. In December, Rami turned 34 years old. Sochi, he got it for free.

"Fort Boyard" instead of training, trauma due to dance, the tradition of pulling a mustache - all this is Adil Rami
Adil Rami moved to Sochi before closing the transfer window. The club has already declared a footballer in the RPL. Earlier, his agent said that the contract is calculated until…


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