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Are the goals in the Sochi vs Orenburg match strange? Let's take a look at each
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Fourth tap and first hit. The juiciest goal about Smolov “Real Madrid”

Spain. Primera Spain Celta Smolov Fedor Aspas Iago Bridge Alexander
“Real” is the fourth after “Wings of the Soviets”, “Ural” and “Orenburg”.
• The seventh minute of the match, “Real” – “Celta”. Smolov opens between Karvahal and Varan, takes the ball with the third touch for the game, scores with the fourth (and first strike).

• Now in the world there are two Fedors who scored on the “Santiago Bernabeu”: Chalov and Smolov.

• A goal was organized by people, because of which their national teams took off from the World Cup in Russia: Aspas (did not score Aknifeeva) gave an assist to Smolov (did not score Subashicha).

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• Real Madrid – the fourth team of the season, which scored Smolov. After the “Wings of the Soviets”, “Ural” and “Orenburg”.

• The odds on Smolov’s goal before the match ranged from 5.5 to 6.5. That is, it was possible to put 1000 rubles on Fedor’s goal and win about six thousand.

• To score Real Madrid is really an achievement: before this match Real Madrid conceded the least in the top 5 leagues (14 goals). Goal Smolova equalized Real Madrid on this indicator with Liverpool.

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• Right after the goal, Smolov and Aspas switched places. “Celta” played according to the 5-2-3 scheme, where Rafinha initially covered the right brow, Smolov – the left, Aspas was in the center. After a goal Aspas more often appeared on the left and went down to the extreme defender; Smolov remained higher.

• For the game, Smolov has exactly one hit (the same) 20 passes (14 accurate) and one unsuccessful attempt to dribble. At the 70th minute Smolov left the field – to replace.

• Smolov was the first Russian player to score at the Santiago Bernabeu in La Liga since May 2003. That was the match of Real Madrid against Celta. Alexander Mostovoy scored then, against which Zinedine Zidane played for Real.

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• Mostovoi promptly commented on Smolov’s goal: “To score for this Real Madrid is nothing.”

• In general, Mostovoi is only the ninth Russian who played in Spain and scored Real Madrid in Example. Before him were: Vladimir Beschastnykh, Dmitry Radchenko, Valery Karpin, Oleg Salenko, Dmitry Popov, Dmitry Khokhlov, Igor Korneev, Dmitry Cheryshev. Smolov is the tenth on this list.

• The match ended with a score of 2: 2. “Celte” helped to choose one point from the relegation zone, although Mallorca (18th place) has the same points (21), but the worst goal difference. “Real” came out on a clean first place, breaking away from Barca exactly one point.

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