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What happens to Atlético. Is everything really bad?

Spain. Primera Spain Atletico Simeone Diego
Not the best moment for the match with Liverpool.
“Atletico” comes to the match with “Liverpool” in the worst condition for eight years Simeone in the club. The team is in fourth place in the league, in the last five games scored five points and flew out of the cup from the club of the third league (Leonesa).

What are the problems of Atlético? Is it really that bad?

The problem is once – a lot of injuries
In the clip “Atletico” for the season only 22 players. Of these, 11 have already been injured. The list of injuries is huge, so the most important ones are: Diego Costa (13), Vrsalko (13), Savić (11), Jimenez (11), Trippier (5), Lemar (5), Koke (5); (in brackets, how many footballers missed matches in a season).
There is good news: right to the match with Liverpool, Koke, Arias, Jimenez and Lemar recovered.

There are also bad ones: the game will definitely be missed by Felish, Trippier and Herrera. The participation of Morata and Diego Costa is in question.

Problem Two – Terrible Implementation
Atletico scored 25 goals (ouu) in 24 La Liga games. This is just a goal more than that of Norwich and Watford – the last submarine teams. At the same time, “Atletico” creates a lot of scoring chances – according to this indicator they are the fourth in the league. But on goals scored – the twelfth. Atlético created 37 clear scoring chances (xG), but scored just 25 goals. Auch.

Realization is a mixture of skill, psychology (about it later) and luck. There really is not enough skill to attack Atletico this season: Diego Costa played a little and below his level, and then was injured; Felish never adapted and scored just two goals in 17 games; Morata is the only one who scores (seven goals), but since December he played with damage, and then he still missed a few weeks.

In winter, Atletico tried to the very last to sign Cavani, but failed to reach an agreement – PSG asked “too much.” Therefore, the club urgently returned from China Carrasco – not an attacker at all, but at least someone.

During the season, Simeone often spoke of poor implementation: “We don’t score, and this is the most important thing in football,” the Cholo speech after Juventus. And: “We create a lot, a lot of moments. But we do not sell them, and this causes concern. ”

Problem Three – Psychology
This season is considered a turning point for Atletico – in the summer six important players left the club: Godin, Juanfran, Felipe Luis, Griezmann, Rodri, Luca Hernandez. All of them were important core players and real leaders.

The mentality of the team crippled. At the beginning of the season, in the match for the Super Bowl, Atlético did not realize two penalties in the series and lost. Horrible implementation, defeats to outsiders, a relegation from a cup from a team of the third league – all this is also an important indicator of the sagging psychology; Earlier, “Atletico” often exported precisely on character.

Many players of Atletico indirectly hint at the uneven mental situation in the team, but Jan Oblak spoke most bluntly of all: “This year the line-up has changed a lot, this is felt in the game. There are football players with no experience, someone enters the field with fear, so we often play sandwiched. ”

It seems that for Atlético this is the most unfortunate stretch to play in the Champions League playoffs with the best team in the world.

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