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Hey football – i love you

The Bombardier authors explain why they love football.
Valera Polevikov – for the ability to understand people

For me, football is a way of studying a person and society. The game displays the processes that occur with us and in us. You just need to take a closer look. And every football player is us. Seriously. We, placed in different conditions, who grew up in a different environment, but we.

Football teaches people to understand and fosters empathy. Here, most of the fans do not like Mario Balotelli – mainly because he did not realize his talent. We think that he can be one of the best if he stops fooling around. And we are angry because he does not take this opportunity.

But we ourselves came up with the idea that it could be one of the best. But he can’t. Because this requires frenzied discipline and universal commitment to the cause – Balo simply does not have this. He tried to educate this in himself, but could not, he does not have such a talent – to be disciplined and to devote himself entirely to the cause.

Now look at yourself from the side. Who are you, a programmer, a school teacher, an engineer, an economist. Why aren’t you one of the best in the world? There is no ingenious talent, say. And if there was, would everything else be enough to become one of the best? Now imagine that millions more people blame you for not being one of the best. That’s it.

But football for me is not only empathy, of course. He taught me not to draw global conclusions based on small events (if Barca lost to Betis, this does not mean that it is weaker and does not mean that it has a crisis). Do not draw conclusions from the result and always go into context (if Barca lost, it is not necessary that it was worse; if the wife cheated on her husband, it is not necessary, you understand).

My love of football is exactly the same as my love of everything else. She is compassionate. I equally understand and sympathize with Mario Balotelli, who lost to Barca and cheated on his wife. And I not only sympathize with them, but also study, learn from them and love it at the same time.

Ilya Egorov – for new projects

In football, I get turned up by muddy financial schemes, transparent hints of strange transfers – God, what an unoriginal I am. But this text is not about what infuriates – but about what, on the contrary, pleases. So: recently, I love football for some young and daring projects with an eye on a bright future.

“Atlanta” in MLS, “Krasnodar” in the RPL, “Leipzig” in the Bundesliga – how I get high when I read the news about the successes of these clubs. Atlanta rebuilt one of the best stadiums in the world and won MLS? Perfectly. The pupil of “Krasnodar” is summoned to the Russian team? Respect to Galitsky and his wonderful academy. Does RB fight for the championship in Germany together with (probably) the most promising coach right now? Unbelievable!

This is what I mean. Modern football is money, business, deals. This is an area in which the strong can hit the weak under the breath and, say, take the player from him for only 50 thousand rubles. In this environment, upstarts are important, which often remind you – not everything in this life depends on the nominal tops. There are some guys who suddenly come out from around the corner, play dirty tricks on the strong, and play according to rules that were previously thought up for themselves.

Such young projects are often saturated with good money – well, let it be. It’s nice to see something else: they are not yet embroiled in a muddy financial race, they are not scattered from the inside by scandals, they also have a fuse and a starting spark.

Mikhail Morozov – for the widest range of emotions

You can love throughout your life that evokes pleasant memories, gives passion and makes you freeze in standby mode. In this regard, sport is an ideal platform for pure emotions. Football combines the most diverse of them.

Football is not politics, where it is disgusting to listen to empty promises from year to year. This is not a movie where someone invented and painted everything in advance. Action on the field is something that allows you to escape from the endless everyday stories that exist solely for making money. Wild delight and wild horror in big matches is something that cannot be faked by any professional curvature from the TV.

Football is expectation, anticipation, controversy, viewing and analysis, admiration and indignation, grief and happiness. It unites everything that a person who lives in love lives with – a crazy spectrum of emotions from the action whose outcome is unknown. This has never been and never will be a futile occupation, because it brings to life the most powerful and necessary variety – precisely at the expense of emotions. It just collected everything for which you want to live on.

And most importantly, football will never die. It’s easy – do not be afraid to lose it.

Alexander Plekhanov – for leaving to another reality

The girl is once again preparing a coup of the domestic world. I am late for a meeting because I again watched TV shows, and the alarm clock sounded only in a dream. All the time there are some problems – the phone has already warmed up from notifications. Forget about everything! At least an hour and a half.

Football is a universal cure for any ailment. I use it portionwise, but regularly. Turning out of the rest of the world – and now I’m in a different reality. Others have problems: it is the players arguing with the referee or cursing at each other. Quarrels, scandals, annoying messages – everything is somewhere out there, already far away.

When I was a teenager, I was looking for emotions and self-expression in football. Then I studied his heroes, revealed plots and beautiful stories. Now every football match is a kind of concert of a favorite band. It’s good, loud, sincere, but a new reality instantly arises in the head.

With the starting whistle, everything that mattered before goes away. As a result, it will definitely return, but I will also get a trump card – a fresh look. And for him I am grateful to football.

Therefore, for me, football is not Klopp’s success, the problems of Milan or the transfer history of Kokorin. My football is a small trip to the sea, which does not need to wait a few months. Therefore, I love him so much.

Nikolay Zhivoglyadov – for fiery emotions

Football is about emotions.

I am of little interest in what arc Arshavin threw the ball for the Van der Saru collar in 2008 and how he threw it into the point after an out. I recall the nuclear face of Torbinsky from under a team that had leaned on him to celebrate, from which you can charge the phone. Electricity, psychosis and energy, which I dived with them in front of the TV.

I am of little interest in how CSKA in “Luzhniki” fought off “Real”. I recall how Wernbloom, in stoppage time, maximally clumsily pushed just a draw, but set fire to the stadium. Parents, I’m sorry that I woke up then.

I have little interest in how exactly Russia suffered 120 minutes with Spain in 1/8. Bounce the game? Yes, do not care. That save leg from Akinfeev – and I forgot what was happening: AAAAAA. The street remembers everything.

In general, do not care about schemes, numbers, scandals. Yes, the farther and older you get, the longer you come in contact with football, the more selective the emotions from it. But emotions are something that really catches and does not fade over time. If they are ignited, then as sincerely and honestly as possible. This love will never disappear.

Roman Abramov – for the world around

I have come up with the perfect definition, for which I really love football: this is a convenient way of understanding the world. Snatched from the measured course of life, football tightly collects a bunch of different spheres.

Remember that in childhood, the guys who follow football always knew better geography? Because in ordinary life, all the knowledge of geography is smeared with a thin layer along scraps from the flow of information. It is not remembered, you do not pay attention to it. One clever uncle (philosopher and cultural historian) Johan Heyzinga spoke about the phenomenon of the game: “Among its formal attributes, the first place is occupied by the spatial extinction of this activity from everyday life.”

Football is not about football. This is about geography, economy, culture, politics (especially in countries where governors determine the budgets, the president of the league is elected without elections, and two clubs with friends-bosses exchange a bundle of players, not confusing anyone around), philosophy, technology and anything else. Football is a dense concentration of any topic, united around sport purely symbolically. To follow the football, find thousands of interesting stories in it and know everything, the matches themselves can be avoided at all.

But it’s better to watch. Because football is still an art of visual aesthetics and rhythm.

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