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Cheryshev - the ninth Russian who scored in the Champions League playoffs
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9 deletions of Neymar. Psychos, jumping in legs, sarcastic applause
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Sancho is a supertalent: at the age of 19 he scores and gives back as Messi. But we are worried about his weaknesses

Germany. Bundesliga Germany Borussia Sancho Jadon
Analyzed his every scoring action.
Jadon Sancho is incredibly good this season. He is only 19 years old, and he has such achievements:

• 14 assists this season. In the top leagues, he only gave more to De Bruyne (15).

• He is the first football player this season to have knocked out more than 10 goals and assists (13 + 13). The second of the season, who scored 10+ on both indicators, was Leo Messi.

• Already, Sancho has the same numbers as last season – then there were 26 goals + pass (12 + 14).

• For two seasons, he has 27 assists – the best indicator in the top 5 leagues.

• Sancho is the sixth in the Bundesliga for successful strokes (2.7 per game).

• Even Neymar calls him special.

• In total, he played 85 matches for Borussia, in which he scored 30 goals and gave 45 goals. Wow.

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If you take goals and assists in all tournaments for the season, Sancho has 33 assists in 30 matches. We watched each one.

The main distinguishing feature of Sancho’s goals is that he scores a lot, getting the ball in free space: these goals are 13 out of 16. After that, he either sends the ball to empty or makes a couple of moves (moonlighting or high-speed stroke) and scores. He scored 10 out of 16 goals without any resistance whatsoever. The same amount when Borussia ran out to counterattack.

But Sancho often gives away assists precisely in positional attacks, when the opponent lined up to defend – only six out of 17 assists Sancho gave in counterattacks. True, there is an important one here: 11 of 17 assistants Sancho gave, having a lot of free space in front of him – usually getting a ball alone on the flank.

It turns out that out of 33 assists this season, 24 Sancho committed, having a lot of free space in front of him. 16 out of 33 – on counterattacks (which emphasizes the style of “Borussia”). And another thing is important: Sancho performed only one goal action, with his back to the gates of others. In all other 32 cases, he received the ball, facing the wrong goal – in the most convenient conditions for him.

And what, Sancho does not know how to attack when there is no free space and the defense is well organized? Able, but not yet at a very good level. He scored five goals after strokes – an important skill of his once. He made four goal actions, having beaten with a partner in the wall – an important skill of two. He scored three goals, opening on the offside line – three.

Ultra-high implementation helps him
Sancho is really strong, especially considering his age. He scores and gives too much. He is fast, reads episodes well, elitistically opens all over the field and brilliantly implements. But he is also helped by the high realization of the moments.

Borussia are the best ones in the top 5 leagues to realize the points. This is even an anomaly: according to the expected goals (xG) she had 45 real chances to score; and she scored – 63 goals. Sancho personifies the trend: he has seven expected goals (xG) and the same expected goals (xA), but he scored and gave twice as much (13 + 13).

What does it mean? Sancho really realizes the moments at the top level and rarely hits the target. In the Bundesliga he has only 12 shots past – very few. And it is important that Sancho scored all the goals from the penalty box. He really rarely hits out of uncomfortable situations.


But once again: Sancho performs many assists without resistance and in free space – the circumstances most favorable for him. This is the specifics of the Bundesliga, in which few teams are pressed to their gates; and counterattack style of Borussia.

In other conditions (another league and team), Sancho will be more difficult. You will have to improve the skills in the game with your back to the gate and in tight spaces.

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