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To be in Guardiola’s place? Never!

England. Premier League England Manchester City Guardiola Josep
It seems that Pep has never been in such a difficult situation.
During the coaching career, Guardiola too rarely fell into difficult conditions. It was a difficult last season in Barcelona, ​​when Pep disagreed with the leadership, lost the championship and flew to Chelsea in the Champions League; but he survived it painlessly. In Bavaria, everything was relatively smooth: yes, I flew out of the Champions League, but won everything else, and when I got under the press, I left immediately.

In Man City, everything was also in order: in the first season he was rebuilding the team, in the second and third he took the submarines. But this season, and especially the last months, is just scary. There were no such difficult situations in Guardiola’s career.

Five hits on Guardiola
1. At the beginning of the season, Pep had to part with his wife – because of work, she left for Barcelona (she has a large business in the fashion industry). Prior to that, she ran a business from Manchester, but circumstances forced her to leave England. Guardiola for the first time in his career was left without a wife nearby for a long time.

2. Another loss is the departure of the first assistant and close friend Mikel Arteta, who in December led Arsenal. When rumors about the departure of Arteta just started, Guardiola indicated that he did not want to lose his assistant. And he said that he considered Mikel a terrific friend and coach, who made a huge contribution to the success of City.

3. The main blow to Pep’s psychology is the almost completely lost submarine. Guardiola always said that he quotes the championships above the Champions League (Pep believes that the true level of the team is shown at a distance). Now the gap from Liverpool is 25 points, City has almost no chance. Guardiola breaks it.

4. Uppercut – ban “City” in the Champions League for two seasons. The club will appeal, but right now the verdict is handed down – Manchester is left without Champions League for the coming years. Although Pep says that the Champions League is not so important for him, this is a strong blow to the coach who last won the tournament nine seasons ago, and who is constantly reproached for this.

5. Next, Guardiola’s most important test is Real Madrid in the Champions League. Given the weak play of Pep’s teams in the Champions League, the insanely strong Zidane in this tournament, the powerful form of Real Madrid and vice versa the weak City, there is a good chance that Man City will fly right out of 1/8. We do not predict anything in advance and emphasize – a good probability. At the same time, there are decent chances for the passage of the City – this will greatly help both the club and Guardiola morally.

But in case of departure – oh, how Pepu will be difficult. He recently said: “I want to win the Champions League, I dream about it and I will enjoy matches with Real Madrid. I can see what I am capable of. ” It seems that defeat will not only break the dream, but also reduce Guardiola’s self-esteem.

Another obstacle is the most difficult schedule for the coming month. From February 22 to March 21, City will play eight matches (two per week); rivals: Leicester, Manchester United, Sheffield, twice Real Madrid and Chelsea.

Can Guardiola leave City in the summer?
Pep constantly repeats that he is not going to leave and will at least finish it until the end of the contract (expires in the summer of 2021). But, of course, there is a lot of information about possible care. Most often these are rumors, but some sources are worth listening to.

For example, the reputable The Telegraph and ESPN after the news about the club’s exclusion from the Champions League wrote that Pep already doubts whether he will remain in the club for next season. These doubts can be considered in his words: “If we do not pass Real, then the club chairman or sports director can come and fire me, noting that I’m not good enough.”

In the fall, another reliable source of The Athletic wrote that Guardiola could leave City if the club did not buy two or three newcomers in the summer of 2020. Then (in the fall) Guardiola’s demands sounded adequate and realistic. Now the City is in a difficult situation: the club was fined and put into the budget framework – they will not be able to spend more.

Plus, Man City is likely to lose players as well. Sanya, who was already eager to leave, will now want to dump more. There is still a very pleased Jesus sitting under Aguero.

Perhaps other discontented leaders will appear – nevertheless, ambitious players are gathered in the City, who can’t let two years of Champions League go high. In addition, in City, like in most clubs, a scheme is in place that involves big bonuses for entering the Champions League and successes in it. The remaining players in any case will lose money.

And although Pep says that he is not going to leave, he can do it very soon: in his contract there is a clause on which he can freely leave the club this summer.

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