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Why do Russian teams fail in European competitions and how to make them smarter. Says the only RPL analyst trainer (p1)

Dmitry Stolbikov is a member of the coaching staff of Ural and occupies a unique position there – an analytical trainer. In other RPL clubs, there are simply analysts who give the numbers to the coaches. Stolbikov – interprets them under the tasks of the team. He also knows how to take data and clearly explain complex issues. For example, such – why do Russian clubs so often lose to European ones?

Valera Polevikov recorded a big conversation-lecture by Stolbikov:

What is match management and why are Russian clubs feeling sad about it?
How many minutes does an average football player spend with a ball?
How to accurately calculate the point in time when everything will be bad?
Speeds of Russian teams. How bad is it?
Future football is when the audience themselves choose the composition and tactics. What the hell?
How to become a cool analyst if you are an ordinary Polevikov?
– Russian clubs failed in European competition. What is the reason?

– Football is a reflection of the social processes that take place in society. What is the current economic situation in the country?

“Not the one I would like.”

– Look, the Russian economy, according to financial analysts, is unstable. And it affects all areas of life. There is a clear pattern: when was the most economically stable period in our country? From 1999 to 2008. The period of the best results of our football. The most significant achievements in the recent history of Russia were then.

But come on specifically. Who makes the result in football? Soccer players. Quality football players. Do you know the main criteria of a quality football player? The first is the functionality. A footballer must be fast, hardy. Because – how much time does he spend with the ball?

“About three minutes.”

– From 40 seconds to two minutes. Unique players, conditional Messi, gain three minutes. The rest of the time the player is without the ball. Therefore, functionality is the most important thing.

Secondly, he doesn’t run by himself, he is in the system of team movements and at the same time must make the right decisions where he needs to move and at what speed. And here the quality is determined by how correctly a football player makes decisions against the backdrop of fatigue and resistance in the shortest possible time.

And only the third criterion is technical equipment. And for each role she has her own. Conditionally, the central defender is the first ball, a header, actions under the standards. Flank Defender – take the ball in free space at high speed. A midfield player is good at owning the gear over different distances. Forward – a person who performs complex coordination actions with the ball in conditions of high density.

All these data have long been known and published – these are the 2010 UEFA studies.

So, when can we get a quality soccer player? Then, when we have good economic opportunities. Okay, let’s say we got quality players. What’s next?

– Organize these players.

– Absolutely right. And here the coach and his assistants come to the fore. Moreover, the head coach is not the person who is responsible for everything. Ideally, he accumulates all the information from the headquarters and makes global decisions. But without the coaching staff, it’s impossible to organize quality players now.

And here we come to my specialty – analytical support. And in this area, our football, unfortunately, sags.

Here look. On average, at high intensity (from 25 km / h), teams in European competitions move 2160 minutes. In the RPL, the indicator is 1347 minutes. Feel the difference?

Now the organization of the game. In the Champions League last season, teams spent 12.5 seconds on the attack. In our championship – 14.4 seconds.

Now the same indicators of our teams in the Champions League: Zenit (17.9 seconds), Krasnodar (29.8), Lokomotiv (18), CSKA (22.1). And Liverpool spent an average of 7.81 seconds on attack last season.

– Is this a reflection of quality? There is also a question of style.

– Good, style. Look. Last season, Champions League. The team, when it starts an attack from its own goal, scores in 14% of attacks. When it takes possession of the ball in the middle third – 35%. When he gets the ball in the final third – 51%.

– I did not think that the selections on the third third are so important.

– Yes. Therefore, the style of modern football is simple. She emerges from trends and the availability of performers. But first, about the common tasks for each team.

The first task is to get out of your third without losing the ball. Because if a team loses the ball here, in half the cases it misses.

The second task – when you transferred the ball to the middle third – deploy the opponent facing your goal. The methods may be different. The conditional Messi simply beats, destroys the opponent’s insurance system and turns him around to face his goal. Conditional “Liverpool” creates an extra player (creating a numerical majority in the area of ​​the field where the ball is located; so that the ball moves forward better).

The third task (in the attacking third) is to bring the attack to a blow. Now, let’s say the attack is over, the goal was not scored. The first task for the team that has just been defending is to get out of their third. Etc.
Lokomotiv FC

– These 51% probability of scoring, if you took the ball to someone else’s third, emphasize the super importance of pressure now?

– Rather, the important role of the game without the ball as a whole is in any part of the field. Because with the ball to be much more difficult. When you are on the ball, your number one task is not to make a mistake and move the ball to the side of another’s goal. And without a ball, it’s easier for you, because any wrong action by an opponent returns your possession and gives you the opportunity to quickly attack.

– So good. And how does this relate to the weaknesses of Russian clubs in European competition?

– We talked about the speed of attacks. Champions League level – 13 seconds, four assists. The RPL level is about 20 seconds and seven assists. On the field this is so: our clubs do not always have time to conduct a quick attack – rivals manage to organize. And we do not always have time to switch to defense when the opponent takes possession of the ball.

Such things probably come from performing skills. Probably, when our clubs will have better economic opportunities, then something will change for the better in football.

– And if specifically this rally. We remove the “Loco”, which played in a strong group. But Zenit, Krasnodar, CSKA were in groups with relatively equal teams.

– Due to the fact that the RPL is not the fastest league in Europe, it is difficult for our clubs to rebuild and play at other speeds. We can compensate for this with a good game without a ball. And the organization of the game is just about analytics and my specialization.

Let’s take the Zenith group separately. You say that they were in a roughly equal group. Under such conditions, the organization of the game comes to the fore, including analytics.

In terms of development of the analytical department, Zenit is the best in Russia. There is the head Maxim Gaydovsky. He spent a long time in England. And he created a model base, which they then improved at the Zenith with the arrival of Villash-Boash.

But look. This is a temporary anatomical map of the game:

The first 15 minutes – analytical preparation of the game. During this period, our clubs can compete with European ones. And we can run as fast as they do. And the schedule shows that in this draw, our clubs did not concede anything in these minutes.

15-30 minutes is the quality of the players. On average, after the first 15 minutes, players basically forget everything they were told before the game. Concentration disappears, excitement appears, football players are not so disciplined positionally. In fact, they begin to play on their own. And those who have concentration – they win in these segments. And here we have not lost anything. And even surpassed. So, there are forces, concentration, motivation.

30-45 minutes – the fight against fatigue, physiology. Here fatigue of a football player of any level already affects. In principle, here our clubs are also not inferior. That is, the first half we play with dignity.

And now the first 15 minutes of the second half. Look what superiority rivals have. And this is just the segment that is called “match management”. That is, work during the break. Correct corrections, the correct denunciation of information to the players, the correct display. And our clubs from 45 to 60 minutes did not score a single goal.

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