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How the game “What? Where? When?” on the first channel. Says the boss of the football club who plays there (p1)

Hayk Ghazazyan was fond of “What? Where? When?” while still at school, he continued at the university, in the winter of 2011 he became the team captain in the Armenian television version, and four years later he made his debut in the main club with broadcasts on Channel One. Last summer, Kazazyan became the CEO of Pyunik, the most titled football club in Armenia.

We asked him about these two activities:

How do they get on TV?
Are they paying for it?
How do ChGK teams train, tune in and decide who sits where?
What kind of job is being a CEO?
Why did Sychev go to Pyunik and never play at all?
– When and how did you know that you would play What? Where? When?” on the first channel.

– In the spring of 2015, a call came from the editorial team with an invitation to view. I was, of course, very pleasantly surprised. I played in Armenia for a long time. There were some hopes, dreams, but without obvious signs that they would call me to watch.

After a while I went to Moscow, met with my teammates. They drove us out there – the host and the editors watched the team play. We probably left a good impression and we were told that in the summer there will be the first game.

– So, did you have a casting?

– In general, teams are formed through multi-stage selection: as far as I know, this process can last several years. It is unusual in our team that it is made up of players from television clubs from different countries. Therefore, this was not a classic casting.

– What is the difference between the game in two clubs: Russian and Armenian?

– The most important difference: since last year, games in the Armenian TV club are conducted in Armenian. This is not easy for everyone, because many are used to playing Russian. When the transition to Armenian took place, it became a new challenge for both experts and the editorial team, because many people still have the thought process in Russian. But on the other hand, this made it possible for those who know the Armenian language better to get more actively involved in the game both as an expert and as a viewer.

– When you hear a question in Armenian, do you scroll it in Russian in your head?

– It happens in different ways. In general, it is just as comfortable for me to play in Armenian personally, although sometimes I come across completely unfamiliar words. Last season, not a single team won a final in a year. I don’t know if this is due to the transition to Armenian, but here are the statistics.

– In the Armenian club you are the captain, in the Russian – the player. What role are you comfortable with?

– For me it is comfortable in both roles. For example, in the sports version of the game that I play the longest, I almost always was a field player (not a captain) and did not want to try on the captain function at all. It seems to me that I clearly understand the difference and the necessary tools of these two roles and can differentiate my functions when I play in Armenia and in Russia.

– How do you spend time before the game?

– The day before the game, the editorial team usually conducts the training of the playing team at the same round table in Neskuchny Sad (part of Gorky Park, where the shootings of “What? Where? When?” – approx. Author) to understand the state of the team . This is doubly relevant for our team, because we meet quite rarely – we usually train online. On the day of the game and before the gathering of the team in Neskuchny, everyone does what they want: rests, sets up. As a rule, there are no general activities on this day.

– Are the training dates in Moscow pre-game regulated or at the request of the team?

– In addition to its own, the team must be present at the previous game. We usually gather for it in a day, and when our game – two in advance. Sometimes it turns out to hold fees outside of Moscow. Something like the fees of football clubs.

– What do experts do during coffee and music breaks?

– During a musical break, they just listen to the artist. During the coffee, we sit at the table and talk. Usually by this moment it’s already what to discuss: they didn’t twist some issue, missed something, or vice versa, we are very good fellows. But since there is not enough time for some detailed discussions, we rejoice each other more.

By the way, cognac producer acts as one of the sponsors in the Armenian television club, therefore, cognac instead of a coffee break. If there is a reason, you can even say a toast. But, as a rule, no one drinks at performance.
– Do you read comments on YouTube?

– It happens, of course. Although this is not the most rewarding thing. Sometimes you can find not very constructive reviews, outright hat, or vice versa. It is always nice to read good words about yourself, but it’s definitely not worth it to be very inspired or upset about the comments, otherwise there will be a destructive dependence on a third-party, very subjective opinion. You just need to try to be the most objective critic for yourself, then all this is perceived much easier.

Although the support of viewers, of course, is one of the obliging and motivating moments for us, which makes us give all our best.

– Does ChGK pay expenses?

– If you must attend the game, the company reimburses transportation costs. In total costs, this takes a large share.

– Per diems, housing?

– It’s at your own expense.

– Does ChGK and football have much in common?

– Obviously, both games require a clear team interaction. It seems to me that television ChGK is more than a sport based on inspiration, insight. In ChGK, the role of training, in my personal opinion, is not as significant as in sports. General preparedness, which is not formed during training, is more important here. In training, the team game, the general rhythm, a certain distribution of functions are polished more. Sometimes a couple of training sessions quickly tone the team. Although there are many adherents of constant training.

– Football players train for several hours a day. How often do they train at ChGK?

– In Armenia, we usually start training a month before filming. We carry out from 4 to 6 trainings. If someone is not in shape, we try to catch up. In the Russian team, we train once a week online.

– In the summer, your team changed the seating at the table. How it works?

– The captain determines the seating on the basis of how comfortable it is for him to fulfill his functions, – of course, if it is convenient for everyone else. It is important for the captain to hear the voice of every connoisseur. There are players who speak a little louder, others a little quieter. Those who are louder usually sit away. There are guys next to whom you cannot plant loud and active connoisseurs, because they will suppress them with their activity. There are those with whom it is more important to establish eye contact, to exchange a glance, it is advisable to sit them opposite, or those with whom it is important for the captain to exchange opinions at the very end of the discussion, then they should sit directly next to them. Although there are so many variations and approaches, each captain has his own vision. Our captain Elena Potanina chose this arrangement, and, I think, for her and for the team as a whole this is the most convenient option.

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