Man City is being removed from the Champions League. Is it final? Is PSG the next? What next do Pepu do?
Last May, Man City was discussed openly about a possible ban, but still no one believed in it at all. Now this is confirmed, and the message flaunts right on…

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How the game “What? Where? When?" on the first channel. Says the boss of the football club who plays there (p1)
Hayk Ghazazyan was fond of “What? Where? When?" while still at school, he continued at the university, in the winter of 2011 he became the team captain in the Armenian…

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“There would be a choice, I would send everything in the ass and trained.” Gamula - about YouTube, loans, life without work and youth at 60 (p1)
Do you remember Igor Gamul at hot press conferences, jokes about Ebola and love for “Rostov”. For several years he has not been training. Now Gamula is an expert on…

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How the game “What? Where? When?” on the first channel. Says the boss of the football club who plays there (p2)

– Tell us about the tactics of your team. How do you look for a way to the correct answer?

– It’s hard to explain. In football you can show: here, we play by such tactics. In ChGK this is not. There are some general rules of logical and consistent discussion, which have shown their effectiveness and which it is advisable not to forget for a minute, although the temptation is great. This is associative thinking, identifying the properties and signs of objects, phenomena that appear in the question, attention to specific words in the wording of the question, and much more. But sometimes it all fades into the background and pure elements dominate the discussion, and at such moments memorable insights often occur.

– Does your team have a coach?

– We don’t, but sometimes we resort to the services of experienced colleagues, we ask them to see our training, express an opinion, and correct something. In particular, I want to note the help of Nikolai Krapil, a great expert on the team, Ales Mukhin.

– You consider Messi to be the best football player in the world. Who is Messi at ChGK?

– In terms of the scale and duration of the influence of one person on a team game, like Messi in football, I think there is no such expert. But all such comparisons between football and ChGK are to some extent arbitrary. As a child, I admired the game of Maxim Potashev. Naturally, when choosing the best, one cannot fail to mention Alexander Druz, the most recognizable expert on, probably, a symbol of the game. I played and trained in a team with Viktor Sidnev two years ago and was very impressed with his game not only as a captain, but also as an expert. I think for many, the opinion of the best, beloved connoisseur is formed in childhood, as is the case with beloved football players. I also want to note the players of our team, very powerful guys, from whom I learned a lot, both as an expert and as a captain.
– How often, when announcing the correct answer, do you get the Karpinovsky “Well, and?”?

– It happens sometimes. This is a rather complicated process. Sometimes the correct version arises, which you yourself do not seem correct. You can’t even explain right away why she came to mind. Only after the fact, and often not by myself, do you find an explanation of why this version was correct. You can always say: “I told you!” – but this is a non-constructive approach. When proposing and choosing a version, one must always rely on: first, the need for its logical justification, so that the captain and teammates understand the rational core of this version; the second is on intuition, although this does not always work.

– It happens that at the analysis after the game you do not understand how you could come to the correct answer?

– It happens. Theoretically, you can take any question, find some logical way to the answer, but if you take the initial conditions, when you have to come up with an answer in enough stressful and sometimes stressful conditions in a minute, then there are questions that in these circumstances really seem unflattering. At least for me. We analyzed our past games, and there are a lot of such questions. There is an even greater share of luck: for example, what question the top will choose at the decisive moments of the game. It seems to me that in this regard, fortune has certain debts in front of us.

– How do you feel about issues from the “13th sector”?

– Great. This is such a moment of chance that adds excitement to the game. Whenever the “13th sector” falls out, there is a hope that there will be something that you can immediately take and easily earn a point. There were brilliant questions in this sector, there were some strange ones, for example, they asked the score of a football match, and so on. But it is interesting. This is a game.

– In the summer, you dramatically changed the scope of activity. How did you end up at Pyunik?

– Unexpectedly, to be honest. I met with the president of the football club Arthur Arshamovchiy Soghomonyan, whom I knew both as the president and as the organizer of charity matches in Armenia. In past years, many football stars came: Ronaldo, Rivaldo. We met, talked about plans, he offered to become a lawyer for the Pyunik football club. At that time I was ready to consider new offers for my career, and since I was always fond of football, this option seemed very interesting to me. Further development showed that this is the beginning of an interesting journey full of adventure.

– What are the responsibilities of the general director?

– General management of the administrative part of the club, coordination of the various departments of the club. I still combine the position of lawyer, so the legal component of the work is also on me. In general, the functionality does not differ from the position of general directors in other clubs. The football club has a president, there is a sports director, they have their own powers, which are differentiated with the powers of the general director.

– In September, you were on an internship at Krasnodar. What are your impressions?

– It was a study tour. We are very grateful to the leadership of “Krasnodar” and Mr. Aram Fundukyan for organizing it. Impressions are incredible. Krasnodar is an exemplary club not only for us, but for all teams of the post-Soviet space. Thanks to Mr. Galitsky and his professional and devoted team of like-minded people, Krasnodar quickly turned into a powerful football club and built a football ecosystem around it with the coolest stadium and academy. Fantasy. Sometimes you do not believe that such a thing can be built in a few years.

– Which of what you want to implement in Pyunik?

– One of the goals is the creation of an academy, as in Krasnodar: with a clearly set goal, a development vector. We want the academy to supply talented football players for the club and the national team. We also plan to conduct not only football training at the academy, but also general education, as happens in Krasnodar. These are long-term plans, but they are one of the priority ones.

– And at what stage is the academy now?

– The Academy is functioning; it is one of the largest in Armenia. Located in the heart of Yerevan. About a thousand children study there, eight hundred of them are free of charge. Since September, we have opened paid groups for those who love football, want to practice at Pyunik, but don’t see a prospect for themselves in football. We gave them such an opportunity. It was at the Pyunik Academy that Henrikh Mkhitaryan and many other national team players studied.

– Since December, you are also a member of the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of Armenia. What features do you have there?

– The Executive Committee is one of the executive and governing bodies of the Federation. Its functions include a lot: from approving regulations to making decisions on the most important issues of football development in Armenia. Until recently, it was the executive committee who appointed the head coaches of the national teams. This authority has now been transferred to the president of the Federation, but the intention has been expressed that in any case, candidates for national team coaches will be discussed with the executive committee.

– Having transferred to Pyunik, Aras Ozbiliz said that at the club level he had the last time to enjoy football at Spartak. Is he enjoying football now?

“I hope so.” He has already returned to training, I hope that the continuation of this season will bring pleasure not only to Aras.

– Eric Vardanyan is disqualified until April 30 for an incident in a match with “Ararat”. Is disqualification valid in Russia?

Vardanyan in the championship match pushed the referee and showed an indecent gesture to the audience on the podium.

– It applies to other championships. We submitted a request to the Football Federation of Armenia to reduce the period of disqualification. We hope that the Federation will meet us, and disqualification will not prevent Eric from making his debut for Sochi when he regains his condition.

– Is his sale related to disqualification?

– Nope. Players like Eric are always the focus of many clubs. I think Eric himself wanted to try his hand at a more competitive championship. This was a natural continuation of his career.

– Dmitry Sychev spent almost 100 days in the club without playing a minute. What was it?
– Everything was quite positive. He showed himself as a great professional, although no one doubted that. And the club helped him as much as possible, but it is not always possible to overcome his age, some sores. It was an interesting story, which, unfortunately, was not continued on the field. The club met a wonderful person and professional. Dmitry found out what Pyunik was, and spoke about it in his video blog. Unfortunately, injuries did not allow him to debut for the club. Everything that does not happen is for the better. We wish Dmitry every success in all endeavors.

– Which is cooler: to win the final of the year at the ChGK or the championship of Armenia with Pyunik?

– This is the most difficult question for today. I would not choose. Since during my work at Pyunik and my participation in the ChGK there was neither one nor the other, it seems to me that you can wish for both events in one year.

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