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Zenit – in the top 30 most stable clubs in the world. Rating marks rich owner and low-cost staff

Russia. Premier League England. Premier League World
There are a hundred of our clubs – five at once.
Soccerex has published a ranking of hundreds of the most financially stable football clubs. The top 100 includes clubs from around the world.

Soccerex built clubs depending on the final index, which was calculated using five components. Among them: the transfer value of football players, tangible assets, cash, as well as potential investments of owners and net debt.

The data is based on reports from UEFA, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Transfermarkt and Hoovers.

This is the top 10 ranking:

PSG – 5,318;
Manchester City – 5.197;
Bayern – 3.888;
Tottenham Hotspur – 3,441;
Real Madrid – 3.336;
Arsenal – 3.15;
Chelsea – 2,893;
Liverpool – 2,616;
Juventus – 2,195;
Borussia Dortmund – 2,154;
In a hundred there are several Russian clubs:

23. “Zenith” – 1.309;
37. Spartak – 0.878;
60. “Krasnodar” – 0.589;
98. CSKA – 0.324;
99. Lokomotiv – 0.319.
Another graph shows the nationalities of club owners. The leader of the USA.

In the comments on its rating, the publication notes several features:

• If ten years ago, clubs with the support of billionaires were an exception, now oil tycoons and huge corporations in the football market have become much more. Experts predict the dominance of PSG, Man City and Chelsea in the coming years due to their resources. But it is noted that only Chelsea won the Champions League from this three, and even then it happened only once and in 2012.

• Chinese “Guangzhou Evergrand” with a capital of 175 billion euros is interesting, but it has not yet reached the level of development when its composition could compete with Europeans – its cost of 76 million euros corresponds to the value of a regular European club.

• In a hundred there are 17 representatives of MLS at once, there are more only submarine clubs in it. The business model of MLS clubs is good stadiums and low costs, given the restrictions on salaries and transfers. Plus wealthy owners.

• Premier League clubs dominate the top 100, but also have gigantic debts. The largest – at Tottenham Hotspur (898 million euros) and Manchester United (800 million).

• A year ago, there were eight Brazilian clubs in the ranking. Now there are none. Of the South American teams, there are only River Plate and Boca Juniors. But for the first time two Japanese clubs appeared – Nagoya Grampus and Vissel Kobe.

• Zenit is the only club from the top 30. The comment notes that this is the richest club from Russia, property capital is estimated at 71 billion euros, but the cost of the composition is modest – only 213 million euros. 116 million – tangible assets, that is, the stadium where the World Cup matches were and which will host the Champions League final.

In conclusion, the authors of the study hint that in the future there will be even more discussions about the possible creation of the Super League – on the one hand, this will allow clubs in the domestic championships to achieve greater competition in the fight for the title (for example, in the same France), on the other hand, it may become for these leagues a real disaster in many ways. Obviously, the interest of sponsors will not be so high.

The second decade of the 21st century was marked by the powerful growth of clubs such as Man City and PSG, the first 100 million transfers and rivalries of the geniuses Messi and Ronaldo. What will be the trends of the third decade? We are also asking this question.

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