The main thing is about the last transfer day of the RPL
Adil Rami moved to Sochi. Very, very interesting: the world champion, until recently, the main defender of Marseilles and - in the team, which is in last place in the…

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How the game “What? Where? When?" on the first channel. Says the boss of the football club who plays there (p1)
Hayk Ghazazyan was fond of “What? Where? When?" while still at school, he continued at the university, in the winter of 2011 he became the team captain in the Armenian…

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That's it, it's over: Kokorin in Sochi. Abandoning your words and principles
Russia. Premier League RFPL Zenit Sochi Kokorin Alexander They sold it. The story of Kokorin's rental in Sochi lasted more than three weeks. And finally it was all over -…

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Why do Russian teams fail in European competitions and how to make them smarter. Says the only RPL analyst trainer (p2)

– Does this show a difference in the level of coaches?

– This shows how European teams are superior to ours in match management. This is not just a trainer. Do you know how many analytical departments we have in the country?

– How many?

– One – Zenit. It is the analytical department only there.

– Krasnodar, Loko, Spartak, CSKA?

– There are breeding departments. And we are talking about the departments responsible for the tactics of the game.

Now. How many analytical trainers do we have in RPL clubs? Not just analysts. Namely, analytical trainers.

“Probably four to five.”

– He is alone. Talking to you now.

– Why then does Zenit not have it?

– In our educational structure, in the Academy of Coaching Excellence, there is not even such a direction. And, of course, there is no request from the coaching staffs. So, RPL clubs do not need them.

And take the “Benfica”, which just played with “Zenith” in the group. They in the analytical department are not just people who count numbers and understand the game. And having a coaching background.

People in the department must understand the sports training system. And then they really can develop game models, fully participate in match management, talk on equal terms with the coach, understand the intricacies of training and tactical reorganization.

And be able to work with innovative technologies. To be able to highlight a football player, colorize the area where he will run, correctly understand and interpret the episode and the numbers that come during the match. And all this in a short time to put together and convey to the coach during the game.

In Russia, it’s like this: either just a trainer who does all the work, or an analyst who just sits at the computer helps him. And this is a complete failure.

In the same Benfica, the analytical department of the main team smoothly transfers to the academy and the youth school. There, starting with the U-10 teams, there are analysts everywhere. Players from childhood get used to these things. Unfortunately, we have not even approached this. Hence, 0-13 in the first 15 minutes of the second half.


– It turns out that the analyst trainer differs from just the analyst in that it gives the head coach information that has already been processed. A simple analyst – bare numbers?

– Absolutely right. The analyst trainer knows all the components of the team from the inside, and not just collects statistics. You are a full-fledged employee of the coaching staff – you have a responsibility.

And this is a very routine job. It mainly happens in front of the screen. And, of course, not every coach wants to do this. Because everyone wants to work in the field.

– Still, I’ll ask you again: why doesn’t even Zenit have such a person?

– The question is not for me. They have a perfectly built department, yes. But they lost their matches in this Champions League draw in the match management segment.

– Well, you are the only analyst trainer in the RPL club. What are the statistics of “Ural” in the first 15 minutes of the second half?


Here are all the numbers – Ural has the best difference between scored and missed. Here you can still justify the “Zenith”, because in the first half they win many matches. They have no need for the beginning of the second to give everything out.

But for them it’s not very good. They play RPL in other conditions. They have the ball for a long time, after the break they are 2-0, 3-0. And it seems that they do not need this segment of match management at all. And in European competition he plays an important role.

– Yeah, and segments after 60 minutes?

– When you miss in the first 15 minutes of the second half, you are forced to play out of tune, but to adjust, run somewhere, expose zones, the organization crumbles, so you lose more often in these segments. The numbers confirm this: the second half, our teams lost with a total score of 8:30.

But the key factor is the first 15 minutes of the half. If the opponent wins him, then he directs the game in the way that suits him best. Therefore, the beginning of the second half is a strategic segment. This is the period of time where the team is rebuilding based on a real match. Not until the game, when it only suggests how the match will develop. And in specific conditions. Before the game, he is also important, of course. But in time – perhaps even more important.

Plus now during the match you can get a lot of information. For example, we see that a person plays below his motor abilities. And we can track this with analytics and technology.

It is difficult for one coach to see and determine everything. He watches the match from the edge, plus a lot of concentration on the ball. Episodes happen one after another – it is difficult to combine them into one logical chain.

Technologies calculate all the data during the game, the analyst correctly combines them and informs the coach. These data include the speed of movement of a football player, his intensity, the percentage of martial arts won. Plus, the video during the break provides information on the correct movement of the team and individual players.

– Could you give specific examples of how your work during the break influenced the course of the match?

– The work of the analyst begins before the match. At first, I guess how the opponent will play against us. If you can predict – we just once again identify specific points during the break.

If in the first half we have incorrect movements of football players, we say what needs to be fixed. If, for example, we see an unexpected preparation of an opponent, we offer the team options how to prevent it. We have a dialogue with the team, the players are fully involved in making tactical decisions based on their sense of play.

If everything works well in the first half, we just show the video for the sake of motivation and say: “Guys, everything works out, you need to continue to do this, believe and work with greater intensity.”

A concrete example is from the game with Krasnodar. For a long time Ari did not play with them and came out against us. And he began to retreat deeply into our midline, getting the ball there. Due to his movement, we conceded two goals in the first half.

In the second half, we asked our flanking midfielders to play closer to the center to create compactness there. Result: we took a lot of goals, leveled the game, scored a goal, changed the course of the match. But further performing skills affected – “Krasnodar” snatched out a victory. But the whole second half due to adjustments during the break, we were competitive. But in matches with “Ufa”, “Akhmat”, “Spartak”, “Wings” they won, scoring in minutes of time management.

– Where are you during the match?

– Now the club has provided me with such a technical opportunity that at home matches I am on the bench with a laptop. And I can give some information to the head coach during the game.

Away I watch the first half next to the operator – on the technical site, it is at a height and in the center. And in the second I’m sitting with the coaching staff, because I don’t need to prepare video clips yet, I monitor the operational statistics on the tablet.

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