How many cool players will be in the summer without a team
Europe Cavani Edinson Calejon Jose Matic Nemanja Bonaventure Giacomo Götze Mario Mertens Dries Meunier Toma Willian Fraser Ryan Sarr Malang Cavani, Goetze and other tops. The winter transfer window closed…

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Why do Russian teams fail in European competitions and how to make them smarter. Says the only RPL analyst trainer (p3)
- So, and how is your work during the break? - Five minutes before the end of the half, I go down to the locker room with the finished episodes.…

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Simply unique: 3rd place in La Liga, minimum ownership, many fouls and brutal training
Getafe is a team that has twice won Krasnodar in the LE group, got into the playoffs for Ajax, right now is third in La Liga, ahead of Atlético. This…

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That’s it, it’s over: Kokorin in Sochi. Abandoning your words and principles

Russia. Premier League RFPL Zenit Sochi Kokorin Alexander
They sold it.
The story of Kokorin’s rental in Sochi lasted more than three weeks. And finally it was all over – the footballer still leaves for Sochi for a few months.

Initially, the conflict arose due to the fact that the decision to rent was made by the top management of Zenit. Kokorin was not going to leave. Three weeks went tug of war. Two teams were hacked: Continue reading

Sancho is a supertalent: at the age of 19 he scores and gives back as Messi. But we are worried about his weaknesses

Germany. Bundesliga Germany Borussia Sancho Jadon
Analyzed his every scoring action.
Jadon Sancho is incredibly good this season. He is only 19 years old, and he has such achievements:

• 14 assists this season. In the top leagues, he only gave more to De Bruyne (15).

• He is the first football player this season to have knocked out more than 10 goals and assists (13 + 13). The second of the season, who scored 10+ on both indicators, was Leo Messi. Continue reading

“Fort Boyard” instead of training, trauma due to dance, the tradition of pulling a mustache – all this is Adil Rami

Adil Rami moved to Sochi before closing the transfer window. The club has already declared a footballer in the RPL. Earlier, his agent said that the contract is calculated until the end of the 2019/20 season.

Champion for the humble Lille, world champion – with zero matches for the tournament
His triumph was remembered more in 2016, when Sevilla won the Europa League for the third time in a row, and Rami regularly and successfully played in the first team. The Lille championship happened nine years ago and was forgotten a little, but then Rami was part of a strong team with Debuchy, Kabay, Geye, Gervinho and Azar. Continue reading

How the game “What? Where? When?" on the first channel. Says the boss of the football club who plays there (p2)
- Tell us about the tactics of your team. How do you look for a way to the correct answer? - It's hard to explain. In football you can show:…


In Portugal, a player arbitrarily left the field due to racism, and then sent fans on Twitter
Portugal. Primera Portugal Porto Marega Moussa Partners tried to stop him - they were criticized. In the 21st round of the Portuguese championship, Porto won 2-1 on a visit to…


How do you like the new Kokorin?
Sochi defeated Orenburg (5: 1). In this situation, it is not the result itself and the accompanying factors (own goal, penalty) that are more important - the achievement of Alexander…


Football fans fear concentration camps at 2018 World Cup
Fans of the Russian football clubs Zenit, CSKA and Spartak issued a joint appeal in which they expressed concerns about their prospects if a law on fans was adopted in…